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Merit-Based Awards

Scholarship Opportunities Based on Merit or Special Talents

The University of Denver offers two types of financial assistance to students: scholarships based on merit or special talent, and scholarships, grants, loans and work-study based on financial need.

Merit-Based Awards

Admission and departmental scholarships vary in amount and are awarded to students with competitive GPAs and scores on standardized tests.  Students are automatically considered for these scholarships when they submit an application for admission and will be notified in their admission decision letter.  Approximately 60% of our first-year students receive merit-based awards, so if a student's academic profile is near our average, he or she will potentially be eligible for an award.  These awards are renewable if a student continues full-time and remains in good academic standing.


First-Year Awards*











Crimson & Gold





Transfer Awards

Pike's Peak


Mt. Evans


Long's Peak


*First-Year awards listed above include a $3,000 residence hall grant.

Talent-Based Awards

To recognize achievement in athletics, music, theatre and art, DU sponsors a number of talent-based scholarships.  Although requirements and amounts vary, most of these are renewable each year if the student maintains a specified GPA. Students applying to the Lamont School of Music will be holistically considered for a comprehensive scholarship award (ranging from $1,000 to full tuition) that will take talent, academic merit and financial need into consideration. Students will receive notification regarding this award within two weeks of their admission decision.