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Office of the Registrar

Subject Codes & Course Numbers

These charts provide a list of currently active course subjects and a breakdown of what course numbers mean at the University of Denver.

You can also see our list of historical subject codes used by the University of Denver to view course subjects previously offered by the University of Denver.

ABRD   Study Abroad Programs
ACTG   Accounting
ADMN  K-12 Administration
ADR  Alternative Dispute Resolution
AH   Arts and Humanities
AHUM   Arts & Humanities Foundations
ANTH   Anthropology
ARAB  Arabic
ART   Art
ARTH  Art History
ARTS  Art- Studio
ASEM  Advanced Seminar
ASIA  Asian Studies
BACP  B.A. Completion Program
BIOL Biology
BIOP Biophysics
BUS  Business Core
CA  Communication Arts
CCST  Cultural & Critical Studies
CENR  Continuous Enrollment
CFSP  Child, Family & School Psychology
CHEM  Chemistry
CHIN Chinese
CMGT  Construction Management
 CMRE   Community-Based Research
 CNP   Counseling Psychology
 COLI   Comparative Literature
 COMM   Applied Communication
 COMN   Communication
 COMP  Computer Science
 COOP   Cooperative Education
 CPSY  Clinical Psychology
 CRES   Conflict Resolution
 CUI   Curriculum and Instruction
 EALC   Environmental Awareness LLC
 ECON   Economics
 EDPX   Emergent Digital Practices
 ELC   English Language Center
 ENBI   Engineering, Bio
 ENCE  Engineering, Computer
 ENEE   Engineering, Electrical
 ENGG   English-General
 ENGL   English
 ENGR  Engineering
 ENME   Engineering, Mechanical
 ENMT   Engineering, Mechatronic Systems
 ENT   Entrepreneurship
 ENVI   Environmental Science
ENVU Environmental Studies
EPM  Environmental Policy & Mgmt
EVM  Entrepreneurship & Venture Management
FIN  Finance
FSEM  First-Year Seminar
GEOG  Geography
GEOL  Geology
GERM  German
GIS  Geographic Information Systems
GLBL  Global Commerce & Transport
GREK  Greek
GS  Global Studies
GWST  Gender and Women's Studies
HC  Healthcare Leadership
HCOM  Human Communication
HEBR  Hebrew
HED  Higher Education
HIST  History
HNRS  Honors
HRA Human Resource Administration
HRTM Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism Management
ICT  Information & Communications Technology
ILLC  International LLC
IMBA  International MBA
INDS  Interdisciplinary Studies
INFO  Business Information & Analytics
INTS  International Studies
ITAL  Italian
ITEC  Information Technology & E-Commerce
ITS  Information Technology Studies
JAPN  Japanese
JUST  Judaic Studies
LACU  Language & Culture
 LAS   Law and Society
 LATN   Latin
 LAWS   Law
 LDRS   Leadership
 LGST   Business Ethics & Legal Studies
 LIS   Library & Information Science
 LLC   Living and Learning Centers
 LOS   Leadership & Organization Studies
 MALS   Liberal Studies
 MATC   Mathematics & Computer Science
 MATH   Mathematics
 MBA   MBA - General
 MGMT   Management
 MKTG   Marketing
 MODL   Modern Languages
 MSLA   Legal Administration
 MTSC   Materials Science
 MUAC   Music-Academic Classes
 MUEN   Music-Ensembles
 MUPR   Music-Studio Lessons
 NATS   Natural Sciences
 ORL   Organizational Leadership
 PHIL   Philosophy
 PHNT   Philanthropy
 PHYS   Physics & Astronomy
 PJMT   Project Management
 PLSC   Political Science
 PPE   Personal & Professional Enrichment
 PPOL   Public Policy
 PPSS   Public Policy & Social Service
 PSYC   Psychology
 REAL   Real Estate
 RLGS   Religious Studies
 RMS   Research Methods & Statistics
 RTC1   Army ROTC
 RTC2   Air Force ROTC
 RUSS   Russian
 SJUS   Social Justice
 SMGT   Security Management
 SOCI   Sociology
 SOCS   Social Sciences Foundations
SOWK  Social Work
SPAN  Spanish
 SS   Social Sciences
 ST   Science and Technology
 STAT   Statistics
 TELE   Telecommunications
 TEP   Teacher Education Preparation
 THEA   Theatre
 THEO   Religious/Theological Studies
 TRAN   Intermodal Transportation
 WELL   Wellness
 WRIT  Writing
 XMBA   Executive MBA
 XRCM   Executive Real Estate & Construction Management


Course Numbers

0001-0999  Pre-collegiate, remedial or continuing education
1000-1999 Undergraduate (lower division)
2000-2999 Advanced undergraduate (upper division)
3000-3999 Advanced undergraduate and Graduate
4000-5999 Graduate
6000-6999 Doctoral


Historical Subject Codes