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Other Programs

Corporate Diversity Initiatives Forum

The Corporate Diversity Initiatives Forum (CDIF) is a gathering of businesses and support organizations committed to exchange information on the best practices in workplace diversity that will help Colorado employers lead the way in today's global marketplace.

Corporate Diversity Initiatives objectives: 

  • To be a corporate community forum for the exchange and development of the best diversity practices.
  • To be a business-oriented forum, with academic and civic support.
  • To be a consensus builder.
  • To be a network builder among companies that share common goals.
  • To be an educator and mentor for companies new to workplace diversity.
  • To be a forum with broad interests in diversity, from local to global in scope.
  • To be a forum with many diverse corporate sponsors and participants.

The Corporate Diversity Initiatives Forum is only possible through the steadfast partnership of our founding members: Kaiser Permanente, Mike Shaw Auto Dealers, Xcel Energy, Sherman & Howard LLC, the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and the University of Denver.