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Special Programs


High School Programs

Freshman Outreach

Freshman Outreach has activities during the year to guide freshmen students from our partner high schools through a successful first year. Our goal is to emphasize the opportunities for involvement in the program and also the importance of thinking about college or career training.


Classroom presentations to freshmen, highlighting:

  1. Importance of maintaining good academic standing - explanation of students' transcripts and determining their Grade Point Average (GPA).
  2. Importance of being involved in extra curricular and community service activities.
  3. Why they should take Advance Placement (AP) and honors classes.
  4. Why students should go to college.
  5. How to pay for college.
  6. The "excuses" for not attending college.
  7. Choosing a major/minor and classes.
  8. A typical college day.
  9. Importance of time management.
  10. Opportunities for study abroad.

Campus visits (by some but not all partner schools)

  1. Presentation by a DU professor
  2. DU student panel
  3. Admissions presentation
  4. Campus tour
  5. Lunch in the residence halls