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Co-Director Linda McCurdy Retires After 22 Years of Service to VIP

By Edgar Luna, VIP Alumnus

After 22 years of dedicated service, Co-Director Linda McCurdy has retired from the University of Denver’s VIP Program. A pillar of the program since its inception in 1990, Linda has touched the lives of countless students through her work, forever changing the course of their lives in a positive way. It is an honor to express our gratitude to Linda for her service to our community. She is relentless, tireless, and always willing to go the extra mile to help others.

I had the opportunity to work with Linda all my years at DU, and knew her on a personal level at West High. I think she represents the spirit of the VIP partnership in its fullest. I recently read an entry from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entitled “Friendship.” One of the thoughts was that we have friends not only for the benefit of each other, but because friends reflect what is best in us; so that through the reflection we are able to understand ourselves, and ultimately, better ourselves. I think Linda very much exhibits this characteristic not only personally but professionally—which in return exemplifies the strong bond that has been forged between DU and the various schools it has partnered with.

Words cannot truly express what she has meant to the program, how much we all appreciate her, or how deeply she will be missed. It is with the utmost respect and regard that we wish Linda the best in her future years.

Linda and Phil McCurdy

            Linda McCurdy with her husband Phil McCurdy.