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2012 Summer Link to College

2012 Summer Link to College a Success

By Aman Adumer

Summer Link 2012 was a great success. From Tuesday, August 7 – 11, 2012, sixty-six high school students from VIP partner schools spent one week on campus experiencing college life under the supervision of 20 DU student coordinators.

The students attended one of four classes taught by DU Professors. The classes were:

  • Physics of Renewable Energy: A “Hands-On” Class exploring wind, solar and hydrogen power taught by­ Maria Calbi, Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Building Negotiation Skills in Real-World Issues and Real-Life Situations taught by Paula Holt, Lecturer, Business Ethics & Legal Studies Department, Daniels College of Business
  • Video Game Development taught by Scott Leutenegger, Professor, Department of Computer Science and Rafael Fajardo, Associate Professor, School of Art and Art History
  • An Introduction to Playwriting; or How Not to Write a Boring Play taught by Allison Horsley, Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre

The students had a thoroughly enjoyed living in the residence hall, eating in the cafeteria, participating in various workshops, and attending field trips including a trip to Cherokee Ranch and Castle.

Following are a few of the remarks made by students in an exit evaluation:

  • "I CAN go to college"
  • "Negotiation skills"
  • "Be more positive and healthier, relax more"
  • "Leadership skills and work as a team"
  • "I can depend on myself"
  • "No matter who people are they can always be friends"
  • "Loved the coordinators"

Including that last quote was a bit self-serving, since I served as a coordinator myself, but it is greatly appreciated by all 2012 Summer Link coordinators. I can speak for all of us when I say that the coordinators had a great time and the program had as powerful an impact on us as it did upon the high school participants.  The bonds we formed and the memories we created will remain with us all, and the wide-eyed joy that the students showed more than made up for the work and late nights coordinators experienced. Witnessing students cry because the residential portion of the program had ended and they had to go home proves that Summer Link was a great success.