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Transportation Center

Transportation Center

Transportation Center

RTD EcoPass for Employees

EcoPass smart cardEcoPass smart cards are available at the Pioneer ID Card Office. With this card, you can ride on all RTD regular services for free and on SkyRide to and from DIA for $2.50 each way (free from the Airport Blvd/40th Ave or the Stapleton Park-n-Ride to DIA). The card is not valid for special services (BroncosRide, RockiesRide, etc). Full-time faculty and benefited staff are eligible for this card.

Guaranteed Ride Home

If you take alternative transportation (carpool, transit, bike, walk, etc.) to and from work and you are an EcoPass holder, this peace-of-mind program can provide you with a free taxi ride home in case of an emergency, illness, or unexpected schedule change which causes you to be unable to use your normal method to get home.

Situations in which this program can be used include an employee's or family member's illness, working late unexpectedly, missing a usual ride home or other emergency situations. The program is not designed to be used for instances when an employee could have scheduled transportation beforehand. To use Guaranteed Ride Home, call 303.871.RIDE (303.871.7433).

EcoPass Not Working?

If your EcoPass is not working, please try the following things:

  • If you're swiping the card or just holding it near the reader, the system may not read the card correctly. Try tapping the card against the reader and holding it there for about two seconds.
  • If you have the card in a pouch with any other cards that have RFID chips, that will throw off the system. Try using the card by itself.
  • If neither of those techniques solve the problem, please call (303-871-4545) or email the ID Card Office and ask them to verify that your card is active in their system.
  • If your card is active and it is still not working, please call RTD's smart card help line at 303-299-CARD to report the issue to RTD. There may be a larger issue that they're already aware of, or there may be a problem with just your card.