Sustainability at DU

At DU, sustainability is more than just a set of guidelines for using less energy and preserving resources — it's a philosophy that shapes how we imagine the future of our campus and our world. As the global focus on climate change and the environment has evolved to focus more on questions of equity and justice, we've worked to keep up with the discussion and create connections with the communities disproportionately impacted by shifting ecosystems, making social justice the lens through which we view all of our sustainability work.

Across campus, we're engaging with our students, staff and faculty to create an integrated plan toward a healthier future for the environment, leaning on the passion of our scholars to drive conservation projects and vital research that will inform world-changing solutions. We're partnering with local government and community organizations to bring new initiatives to campus and beyond. With initiatives targeting waste reduction, energy conservation, sustainable food sourcing, and other issues alongside innovative academic programming to shape the next generation of environmental advocates, we're leading the way in sustainability among institutions of higher learning.

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The Center for a Regenerative Future

Founded in 2012, the Center for Sustainability is the University's primary hub for programs that engage the DU community in education and action around sustainability. In the fall of 2022, The Center welcomed an entirely new leadership team, resulting in the new name, a "Center for a Regenerative Future," with a refreshed mission, vision, and programs.

From our office in the Community Commons, to our various "store-fronts", we serve as the link between the faculty, staff and students pushing for change and the organizations around campus and the larger community who possess the resources and passion to realize that change. The Center is the launchpad for many regenerative and sustainability initiatives, engaging with students and groups in the Colorado region to make campus carbon-neutral by 2030 and providing a home base for students passionate about making tangible, meaningful change on campus and in the surrounding community.

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Campus Sustainability

USG Sustainability Committee (SusCom)

As part of the Undergraduate Student Government, the Sustainability Committee provides funding for innovative sustainability improvements, engaging events and professional development opportunities for undergraduate students. The SusCom budget is funded by a $16 per student per year Green Fee, which students voted to assess themselves in 2006.

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Sustainability Council

The Sustainability Council was the first group on campus truly focused on creating sustainable change at DU. Powered by passionate and knowledgeable faculty, staff, students, and administrators, the Council meets quarterly to discuss broad strategies for reaching our campus sustainability goals now and in the future."

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Discover new sustainability developments, campus programming and research projects.

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Community-Engaged Sustainability

DU Grand Challenges

At DU we believe that “sustainability” means working together to create a world where ecosystems and societies can thrive. DU Grand Challenges (DUGC) recognizes that communities thrive when each of has what we need to fully live, work, and participate in the social fabric that holds us all together. DUGC brings  faculty, staff, students and regional community leaders together to advance this vision.

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DUGC Urban Sustainability Cohort

DU Grand Challenges brings faculty, staff and students together with diverse regional community leaders in DUGC Collective Impact Cohorts to carry out initiatives that spark systematic positive change. Four DUGC Cohorts now focus on achieving different results.  For the DUGC Urban Sustainability Cohort, this desired result is: “The Denver region supports just, inclusive, and thriving communities where people and nature flourish.

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The Student Experience

The Student Experience

From day one, our students have opportunities to learn about the concepts behind sustainability and turn that knowledge into action. With a variety of environment-focused student organizations, on-campus conservation events and an academic approach that provides interdisciplinary perspectives on sustainability, students are at the heart of the University's sustainability initiatives. 

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Sustainability Events

Join us for one of our many sustainability-focused events throughout the year.

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