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BACCHUS and GAMMA Peer Education Network

2130 South University Blvd
Denver CO 80210

Biological Sciences, Department of

F.W. Olin Hall
2190 E. Iliff Ave. Room 102
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Alamillo, Lorena 303-871-3661 Lab Research Technician
Andrud, Kristin M. 303-871-6811 Director, Lab
Angleson, Joe K. 303-871-3463 Associate Professor
Angleson, Joe K. 303-871-3463 Chair, Biological Sciences
Asensio, Cedric 303-871-3961 Associate Professor
Barbee, Scott A. 303-871-3582 Associate Professor
Blankenship, Todd T. 303-871-3065 Associate Professor
Danielson, Phillip B. 303-871-3561 Professor
Davidson Anthony, Jody R. 303-871-5695 Technician, Animal Care
Dobelis, Peter 303-871-3661 Teaching Assistant Professor
Dores, Robert M. 303-871-3661 Professor
Fallahi, Sahand 303-871-n/a Laboratory Technician, Lyubchenko Lab
Flageolle, Randi 303-871-3457 Assistant to the Chair
Fogleman, Jim 303-871-3661 Professor
Hebel, Angela 303-871-7787 Director, Lab
Hellier, Jennifer L. 303-871-7987 Teaching Assistant Professor
Hellier, Jennifer L. 303-871-7987 Assistant Director
Hurtt, Barbekka C. 303-871-2450 Teaching Assistant Professor
Jenck, Clara 303-871-3661 Research Technician, Lab
Krukowski, Karen 303-871-3661 Assistant Professor, Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Aging and Aging Related Disease
Kushner, Erich J. 303-871-4386 Assistant Professor
Larson, Erica L. 303-871-3694 Assistant Professor
Linseman, Daniel A. 303-871-4663 Professor
Lorenzon, Nancy M. 303-871-2871 Teaching Professor
Martin, Patrick H. 303-871-4294 Professor
Morris, Julie A. 303-871-2622 Teaching Associate Professor
Murphy, Shannon M. 303-871-7571 Associate Professor
Nichols, Scott A. 303-871-5658 Associate Professor
Possehl, Pam S. 303-871-3661 Assistant, Administrative
Qin, Yan 303-871-3661 Assistant Professor
Rodriguez, Anjelica M. 303-871-3216 Assistant, Lab Research
Sasaki, Nancy T. 303-871-7879 Teaching Professor
Sher, Anna A. 303-871-3538 Professor
Tinghitella, Robin 303-871-3661 Associate Professor
Van Engelenburg, Schuyler 303-871-3661 Associate Professor
VanDerleest, Timothy E. 303-871-n/a Postdoctoral Research Associate
Velotta, Jonathan 303-871-3661 Evolutionary Biology Assistant Professor
Venable, Cameron P. 303-871-n/a Research Associate, Postdoctoral
Wehman, Ann M. 303-871-3661 Assistant Professor, Cell Biology

Bonfils-Stanton Music Library

Newman Performing Arts Center
2334 E. Iliff Ave. Room 440
Denver CO 80210


Driscoll Center South
2050 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Hulkko, Tomi 303-871-2128 Manager

Bridge Project, Graduate School of Social Work

Craig Hall
2148 South High St. Room 248
Denver CO 80210

Bursar, Office of the

University Hall
2197 S. University Blvd. Room 223
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Burkhardt, Janet N. 303-871-4757 Director, Student Financial Services
Dorman, Madison 303-871-4091 Advisor, Bursar's Office
Edginton, Rebecca E. 303-871-4288 Senior Advisor, Financial Services
Eigsti, Carole M. 303-871-4305 Assistant Director, Student Accounting
Gonzalez, Becky A. 303-871-4078 Assistant, Bursar
Hamilton, Britany 303-871-4569 Assistant, Customer Service
Holder, Ifeoma A. 303-871-4290 Accountant
Jackson, Jordan E. 303-871-4379 Accountant
Lenhardt, Jessica E. 303-871-2339 Coordinator, Student Billing
Martinkus, Mike J. 303-871-2449 Advisor, Financial Services
Millhone, Amalie 303-871-4102 Senior Advisor, Financial Services
Murray, Scott W. 303-871-4496 Specialist II, ID System
Odiorne-Webster, Suzanne C. 303-871-4084 Assistant, Bursar
Oliver, Jennifer D. 303-871-4944 Assistant Director, Analysis & Operations
Rockhold, Jocelyn K. 303-871-4545 Pioneer Card Specialist
Shoemaker, Kathy M. 303-871-4089 Bursar
Vicchy, Evan M. 303-871-4568 Customer Service Assistant

Business Association, Graduate Students, Daniels College of Business

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd. Room 227
Denver CO 80210

Business Association, Undergraduate Students, Daniels College of Business

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd. Room 223
Denver CO 80210

Business Ethics and Legal Studies, Department of

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd. Room 687
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Ciocchetti, Corey A. 303-871-2391 Professor
Harder, Nikol M. 303-871-3213 Assistant to the Chair
Holcomb, John M. 303-871-2634 Professor
Holt, Paula A. 303-871-3780 Teaching Associate Professor
Klaw, Bruce W. 303-871-3213 Associate Professor
Levine Segev, Libbi R. 303-871-2764 Teaching Associate Professor
Levine Segev, Libbi R. 303-871-2764 Asst Dir, Daniels Fund Ethics
Mayer, Donald O. 303-871-3213 Professor of the Practice
O'Brien, Kevin O. 303-871-2027 Chair
O'Brien, Kevin O. 303-871-2027 Associate Professor
Olsen, Tricia D. 303-871-6466 Associate Professor

Business Information and Analytics

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd. Room 315
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Bartelt, Valerie 303-871-4822 Assistant Professor
Bassani, Gisella 303-871-3789 Teaching Assistant Professor
Beaver, Philip 303-871-4989 Professor of the Practice
Deng, Tianjie 303-871-3695 Assistant Professor
Duncan, Aaron S. 303-871-4888 Teaching Assistant Professor
Elmore, Ryan T. 303-871-3026 Assistant Professor
Haag, Stephen E. 303-871-2596 Professor of the Practice
Hannaway, Tamara L. 303-871-3324 Teaching Assistant Professor
Hayter, Anthony 303-871-4341 Professor
Keeling, Kellie B. 303-871-2296 Chair, Business Information & Analytics
Keeling, Kellie B. 303-871-2296 Associate Professor
Lee, Young Jin 303-871-4813 Associate Professor
Nenova, Zlati D. 303-871-3695 Assistant Professor
Paul, David L. 303-871-3719 Associate Professor
Phillips, Amy L. 303-871-7646 Teaching Professor
Roof, Holly L. 303-871-2012 Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor
Thornton, Sam S. 303-871-3695 Assistant to the Chair, Business Information & Analytics
Toney, Scott A. 303-871-3695 Teaching Associate Professor
Urbaczewski, Andrew 303-871-4802 Associate Professor
Williams, Benjamin M. 303-871-3695 Assistant Professor

Business Resource Center, Daniels College of Business

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd. Room 155
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Orr, Patrick K. 303-871-3321 Director, Experiential Operations

Business and Financial Affairs

Mary Reed Building
2199 S. University Blvd. Room 103
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Brunelli, Leslie 303-871-3750 Senior Vice Chancellor, Finance
Feagins, Rosalynn 303-871-2793 Assistant Treasurer

Business, Daniels College of

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Ambron, Suzanne M. 303-871-4473 Assistant Director
Angelim, Camila 303-871-4194 Assistant Director
Baack, Daniel W. 303-871-3817 Academic Dir, MBA Prgm
Berrier, Joanie M. 303-871-3545 Manager, Enrollment Technology
Biglin, Jane 303-871-4519 Associate Director, Career Services
Bokinskie, Leanne M. 303-871-5228 Assistant Dean, Finance & Business Operations
Bradley, Lisa E. 303-871-3850 Director, PMBA Program
Bularzik, Sara B. 303-871-2338 Assistant Director, Graduate Student Services
Cahal, Amanda E. 303-871-3104 Director, Global Programs
Choudhury, Vivek 303-871-4324 Dean
Ciocchetti, Corey A. 303-871-2391 Daniels Fund Fellow
Conway, Kent W. 303-871-7801 Assistant Director, Undergraduate Student Services
Cox, David B. 303-871-2272 Program Director, EMBA/PMBA
D'Angelo, Amber B. 303-871-4864 Senior Manager, Communications
Dillon, Kate 303-871-2444 Director, External Relations
Downs, Timothy T. 303-871-2620 Chef, Executive
DuFour, Kristen N. 303-871-3411 Manager, Operations
Eskanos, Randi A. 303-871-3411 Director of Marketing
Gallick, Christopher E. 303-871-2438 Manager, Financial Aid
Glockner, Andrew N. 303-871-4860 Executive Director, Communications & Marketing & Graduate Admissions
Gong, Peipei 303-871-2204 Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions
Graham, Kari M. 303-871-2639 Director, Graduate Student Services
Grassfield, Lisa 303-871-3419 Executive Director, MBA Enrollment
Gross, Karen 303-871-3139 Assistant, Executive
Haddock, Scott S. 303-871-2620 Chef, Sous
Hanssler, Madeline T. 303-871-4289 Manager, Social Media Marketing
Hemming, Emily A. 303-871-2812 Manager I, Program
Hodel, Karen E. 303-871-6910 Manager I, Program
Holt, Eric A. 303-871-2148 Assistant Professor
Humble, Monica L. 303-871-4832 Director, Technology & Facilities
Jacobson, Amy K. 303-871-3411 Assistant Director, External Relations
Jensen, Jake M. 303-871-7860 Manager, Marketing-Office of Communications
Joe, Aurora S. 303-871-3171 Manager, Creative & Brand
Johnson, Kate D. 303-871-6515 Manager, Web
Kim, Sung Soo 303-871-4399 Associate Professor with Tenure
Kirchhausen, Bryce 303-871-3411 Director, Denver MBA Program
Krause, Abbey S. 303-871-4743 Manager, Business & Operations
Kumagai, Bob J. 303-871-4190 Executive Director, Career Services
Latimer, Michael R. 303-871-3139 Assistant, Administrative
Levine, Mark L. 303-871-2142 Levine Chair
Light, Jenn S. 303-871-2240 Senior Designer, Instructional
Lindley, Suzy M. 303-871-4850 Program Manager
Lucero, Alicia A. 303-871-4760 Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions
Maddox, Kelly L. 303-871-3411 MOS Certification Project Coor
McAfee, Sarah E. 303-871-2505 Coordinator, Program
McIntosh, Jaleesa D. 303-871-3411 Assistant Director, Events
McLagan, James S. 303-871-3201 Professor of the Practice
McNichol, Marie 303-871-7629 Assistant Director, Graduate Admission
Mercer, Ashley 303-871-4820 Program Coordinator, Office of Entrepreneurship and Project X-ITE
Mohler, McKenzie 303-871-3047 Assistant Director, Undergraduate Student Services
Neary, Marty T. 303-871-5309 Technician, Accounting
Nesper, Samantha 303-871-4212 Director, Admissions
Nicknish, Berta 303-871-4833 Assistant Director, Graduate Student Services
Olk, Paul M. 303-871-4531 Professor
Olsen, Tricia D. 303-871-6466 Associate Dean
Parrott, Luke A. 303-871-3316 Assistant Director, Graduate Admission
Parsa, H.G. 303-871-3411 Professor
Patelli, Lorenzo 303-871-2959 Director, Enterprise Ethics
Phelps, Andrea M. 303-871-4142 Manager, Office
Plemmons, Kerry B. 303-871-7975 Professor of the Practice
Quinlan-Wilder, Tia M. 303-871-2542 Director
Reilly, Megan E. 303-871-2524 Manager, Leadership & Global Programs
Robertson, Molly C. 303-871-3676 Program Manager, Executive Education
Robertson, Molly C. 303-871-3676
Rooney, Lynn 303-871-4629 Assistant Director, Employer Relations
Ross, Joshua C. 303-871-3411 Dir of Enrepreneuership
Schablitsky, Wade R. 303-871-6342 Coordinator, Admissions
Sherrod, Cody J. 303-871-3048 Manager, Program
Sidwell, Ron M. 303-871-3683 Assistant Director, Undergraduate Student Services
Skadow, Mary Ann R. 303-871-4840 Manager, Program & Recruiting
Todd, Janeen M. 303-871-3414 Manager, Enrollment Services
Tremblay, JP 303-871-4402 Teaching Professor
Tremblay, JP 303-871-3411 Teaching Professor
Victoravich, Lisa M. 303-871-4278 Associate Dean
Walker, Tamie 303-871-4565 Director, Finance & Operations
Worley, David J. 303-871-2370 Executive Director

Butler Institute for Families

Craig Hall
2148 South High St.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Armendariz, Salvador 303-871-6390 Associate, Research
Bell, Kyana K. 303-871-4003 Assistant I, Research
Benard, Carolyn C. 303-871-3796 Grant & Project Manager, Center for Tribes
Brittain, Charmaine R. 303-871-6336 Director, Practice Innovation
Brock-Baca, Ashley 303-871-3796 Senior Research Associate I
Carver-Roberts, Tabitha J. 303-871-4459 Senior Program Associate
Clinch, Michelle L. 303-871-4509 Senior Program Associate II
De Guzman, Anna 303-871-4198 Senior Research Associate I
Doty, Christa M. 303-871-4131 Senior Program Associate
Enders, Erin E. 303-871-3796 Editor, Communications
Fore, Rachel R. 303-871-3796 Senior Program Associate
Golieb, Katie 303-871-4533 Assistant III, Research
Grenier, Amy E. 303-871-3804 Associate, Research
Hart, Rita I. 303-871-4361 Director, CBCT Project
Holcombe, Michael L. 303-871-4371 Assistant II, Research
Hopson, Morgan A. 303-871-3796 Program Associate
Jefferson, Kali A. 303-871-2910 Assistant II, Research
Keniston, Megan E. 303-871-3796 Assistant I, Research
Leake, Robin L. 303-871-3796 Research Professor
Leake, Robin L. 303-871-3796 Acting Executive Director of the Butler Institute for Families
Len, Emilia L. 303-871-3796 Executive Assistant
Lockwood, Brenda 303-871-6675 Senior Program Associate
Longworth-Reed, Laricia 303-871-4099 Senior Research Associate I
Lucero, Nancy M. 303-871-3796 Research Associate Professor, Senior Research Associate, Butler Institute for Families
Lundgren, Lena M. 303-871-4066 Executive Director of the Cross-National Behavioral Health Laboratory
Maccagno, Luca Y. 303-871-3796 Research Assistant II
Mendoza-Lehl, Mariah D. 303-871-4549 Assistant I, Research
Molieri, Anthony C. 303-871-2429 Associate, Research
Moralez, Ann 303-871-2476 Senior Assistant, Accounting
Nelson, Sarah M. 303-871-3796 Senior Program Associate
Novak, Joseph 303-871-4435 Specialist, Technology & Operations
Riciputi, Shaina C. 303-871-3796 Associate, Research
Rienks, Shauna L. 303-871-3886 Research Associate Professor, Senior Research Analyst, Butler Institute for Families
Roach, Kayleigh A. 303-871-3796 Assistant II, Research
Roberts, Amy 303-871-2434 Director, Early Childhood Initiatives
Roman, Sarah P. 303-871-4503 Senior Associate, Production & Media
Silverstein, Meredith N. 303-871-4588 Senior Research Associate II
Smith, Melanie S. 303-871-3796 Coordinator, Program
Stahlschmidt, Mary Jo J. 303-871-3796 Fellow, Postdoctoral
Stuart, Alexandra K. 303-871-3796 Director, Finance/Grants Administration
Wacker, Ann A. 303-871-4873 Senior Research Associate I
Westinicky, Andrea M. 303-871-3796 Assistant III, Research
Whittemore, Cindy A. 303-871-7902 Assistant, Accounting
Young, Melanie A. 303-871-3796 Assistant, Digital Media Program