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Financial Aid

University Hall
2197 S. University Blvd.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Artley, Brandon J. 303-871-4884 Senior Administrator, Systems
Bolling, Nashwa K. 303-871-2307 Associate Director, Budget, Research, & Analysis
Carmosino, Nico G. 303-871-2805 Advisor, Financial Aid
Dimas, Juan 303-871-2251 Advisor, Financial Aid
Green, Amy 303-871-6795 Assistant Director, Scholarships
Gudvangen, John E. 303-871-4857 Associate Vice Chancellor, Financial Aid
Howard, Jaz 303-871-2330 Administrator, Systems
Kitch, Mai 303-871-4090 Assistant Director, Student Employment
Lane, Roger D. 303-871-4934 Senior Advisor, Financial Aid
Mendoza, Kesiah C. 303-871-4098 Advisor, Financial Aid
Moore, Genile P. 303-871-4958 Assistant, Financial Aid
Osborne, Shannon J. 303-871-7584 Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Rapacz, Aubrey L. 303-871-4233 Associate Director, Financial Aid Compliance
Robinson, Alexander M. 303-871-3970 Assistant Director, Undergraduate Financial Aid
Romero, Angela M. 303-871-6189 Senior Advisor, Financial Aid
Rudibaugh, Nathan N. 303-871-2880 Assistant Director, Undergraduate Financial Aid
Russell, Nicole 303-871-4362 Advisor, Financial Aid
Sauceda, Mary R. 303-871-2331 Associate Director, Financial Aid Advising
Wallace, Kaitlin N. 303-871-6512 Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Westendorf, Lisa A. 303-871-7892 Associate Director, Communications
Woodrum, Karen 303-871-2340 Associate Director, Systems

Human Resources

Mary Reed Building
2199 S. University Blvd.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Cha, Elizabeth E. 303-871-3549 Manager, Benefits Program
Coffey, Linzy R. 303-871-3840 Wellbeing Coordinator
Dominguez, Kristen D. 303-871-2851 Director, Compensation
Elizardi, Mia M. 303-871-3973 Consultant, Performance & Career Development
Enlow, Jeremy V. 303-871-3142 Coordinator, Title IX
Fulton, Whitney W. 303-871-3931 Specialist, Human Resources Operations
Giesen, Greg 303-871-3307 Manager, Employee Development
Gonzalez, Alba M. 303-871-7479 Investigator
Hegele, Nancy 303-871-3962 Assistant, Executive
Hernndez, Rufina A. 303-871-7726 Associate Director
Lowe, Jerron D. 303-871-4238 Director, HR Partnerships
Maresca, Laura M. 303-871-7436 Vice Chancellor, HR & Inclusive Community
Miller, Craig M. 303-871-4314 Partner, HR
Moore, Lloyd E. 303-871-4284 Director, Benefits
Pinnock, Ken M. 303-871-7511 Director, People Development
Qudrat, Shahira N. 303-871-4932 Manager, HRIC Project
Reynoso, Monica A. 303-871-3941 Director, Equal Opportunity
Rose, Priscilla 303-871-7481 Investigator
Sarem Aslani, Sakeen S. 303-871-6564 Partner, HR
Seales, Shannon M. 303-871-2537 Consultant, Learning & Development
Snow, Kayla M. 303-871-3986 Senior Analyst, Compensation
Valencia, Cristina M. 303-871-3517 Partner, HR

Student Employment, Office of

University Hall
2197 S. University Blvd. Room 255
Denver CO 80210