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Languages, Literatures & Culture

Sturm Hall
2000 East Asbury Avenue Room 346
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Castagnino, Angelo 303-871-2257 Associate Professor, Italian
Castellani, Victor 303-871-2022 Professor, Classics
Chevillot, Frédérique 303-871-2171 Professor
Dimova, Polina 303-871-2662 Assistant Professor, Russian
Gilroy, James P. 303-871-2188 Professor, French & Francophone Studies
Kathoefer, Gabi R 303-871-2178 Associate Professor, German
Lev, Michal 303-871-2343 Teaching Assistant Professor of Hebrew
Ly, Mamadou (Moustapha) 303-871-2110 Associate Professor, French & Francophone Studies
Pap, Jennifer 303-871-2603 Professor, French & Francophone Studies
Qiu, Ping 303-871-2396 Teaching Associate Professor
Shaughnessy, Orna 303-871-2554 Associate Professor, Japanese; Director of Asian Studies
Toole, Michael J. 303-871-6663 Teaching Assistant Professor of Japanese
Waldbaum, Roberta Kaye 303-871-2186 Anna Maglione-Sie Endowed Professor of Italian Culture; Teaching Professor, Italian
Walsh, Rachel A. 303-871-3492 Chair, Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Walsh, Rachel A. 303-871-3492 Associate Professor, Italian
Wilms, Wilfried 303-871-2173 Professor, German
Yeung, Cheuk Fung Wayne (Wayne) 303-871-4641 Assistant Professor of Chinese

Latino Leadership Program

Mary Reed Building, Suite 221
2199 S. University Blvd.
Denver CO 80210

Law Library, Westminster

Frank H. Ricketson Law Bldg.
2255 East Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Bemiller, Eric T. 303-871-6188 Head, Technical Services, Westminster Law Library
Condra, Karina Ann 303-871-6567 Associate Director of the West
Fitzgerald, Thomas M. (Tom) 303-871-6188 Supervisor, Weekend & Evening Circulation
Whitlow, Michael Lee 303-871-6188 Faculty Services Librarian

Law, Sturm College of

Frank H. Ricketson Law Bldg.
2255 East Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Aguirre, Anne H. 303-871-6279 Coordinator II, Business
Anderson, Robert S. 303-871-6257 Professor of the Practice of Law
Austin, Debra Sue 303-871-6205 Professor of the Practice of Law
Aviel, Rebecca J. 303-871-6521 Maxine Kurtz Fac Rsch Scholar
Aviel, Rebecca J. 303-871-6521 Professor
Baker, Theresa A. 303-871-6127 Officer I, Business
Bartholomew, Tanya K. 303-871-6210 Professor of the Practice of Law
Bartholomew, Tanya K. 303-871-6210 Director, Master Legal Studies
Beaulieu, Jessica Leigh (Jess) 303-871-6000 Manager, Animal Law Program
Bliss, John 303-871-6510 Assistant Professor
Bono, Eric M. 303-871-6478 Assistant Dean, Career Services
Boynton, Jessica Letha 303-871-6138 Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
Brown, James Robert (Jay) 303-871-6254 Professor
Brown, James Robert (Jay) 303-871-6254 Professor of Corporate Governa
Cai, Xiao Feng Phoenix (Phoenix) 303-871-6901 Associate Professor
Carver, John A. 303-871-6000 Professor Emeritus
Chao, Bernard H. 303-871-6110 Professor
Chao, Bernard H. 303-871-6110 Maxine Kurtz Fac Rsch Scholar
Chen, Alan K. 303-871-6283 Professor
Cooper, Jennifer M 303-871-6000 Chair of the Lawyering Process
Corrada, Roberto L. 303-871-6273 Chair in Modern Learning
Corrada, Roberto L. 303-871-6273 Professor
D'Auria, Sofia E. 303-871-6000 Assistant, Executive
Daggett, Susan 303-871-6970 Professor of the Practice of Law
Davidson, Ryan R 303-871-6000 Technician, Media, Evening & Weekend
Davis, Iain L. 303-871-6128 Assistant Dean, Admission & Student Financial Management
Dessler, Ryan 303-871-6149 Director, Academic Initiatives & Advising
Dillard, Carter J. 303-871-6000 Director, Strategic Initiatives, Animal Activist Legal Defense Project
DuVivier, Katharine K. (K.K.) 303-871-6281 Professor
Dunn, Catherine Marie 303-871-6494 Professor & Director, Westminster Law Library
Dunn, Catherine Marie 303-871-6494 Assoc Dean Law Library & Info
Dvoracek, Andrew T. 303-871-6000 Designer, Instructional
Engle-Newman, Christopher S. 303-871-6113 Assistant Director Bar Success
Farrell, Ian Patrick 303-871-6035 Associate Professor
Farrell, John Joseph 303-871-6129 Manager, Facilities & Program
Fatta, Elizabeth N. (Libby) 303-871-6849 Assistant Director, Events
Freeman, Alexi 303-871-6788 Professor of the Practice of Law
Freeman, Alexi 303-871-6788 Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Freeman, Alexi 303-871-6788 Director of Social Justice Initiatives
Goel, Rashmi 303-871-6528 Associate Professor
Hardaway, Robert M. 303-871-6310 Professor
Harden, Kira V. 303-871-6000 Assistant I, Administrative
Holbrook, Timothy R. (Tim) 303-871-6104 Robert B. Yegge Endowed Distin
Johns, William Scott (Scott) 303-871-6763 Director, Bar Passage Program
Johns, William Scott (Scott) 303-871-6763 Professor of the Practice of Law
Kamin, Sam 303-871-6125 Professor
Katz, Martin J. 303-871-6301 Professor of Law
Keahey, Felicia Gayle (Gayle) 303-871-6197 Director, External Relations CDO, SCOL
Kraft, Diane 303-871-6405 Director, Academic Achievement Program
Kraft, Diane 303-871-6405 Professor of the Practice of Law
Kuennen, Tamara L. 303-871-6246 Professor
Laitos, Jan G. 303-871-6263 Professor
Larson-David, Heidi Christine 303-871-5316 PT Coord. Adv, SCOL
Leong, Nancy 303-871-6092 Professor
Leong, Nancy 303-871-6092 Associate Dean for Faculty Sch
Leong, Nancy 303-871-6092 Director, Constitutional Rights and Remedies
Lynch, Kevin Joseph 303-871-6039 Associate Professor
Marceau, Justin F. 303-871-6449 Professor
Marsh, Lucy A. 303-871-6285 Professor
Mitchell, Tim L. 303-871-6021 Manager, Networking Services
Moffat, Viva R. 303-871-6508 Professor
Moffat, Viva R. 303-871-6508 Co-Director, Intellectual Property Law
Moran, Suzanna K. 303-871-6938 Professor of the Practice of Law
Olan, Marissa 303-871-6000 Manager, Student Law Office Program
Peters, Allison R. 303-871-6000 Director, Academic Initiatives & Advising
Romero, Tom I. 303-871-7784 Associate Professor
Rovner, Laura L. 303-871-6441 Professor
Russell, Thomas D. 303-871-6224 Professor
Rust, Wayne T. 303-871-6270 Specialist, Media
Sacharoff, Laurent A 303-871-6361 Maxine Kurtz Faculty Research
Sacharoff, Laurent A 303-871-6361 Director of Criminal Law and P
Schott, David C. 303-871-6109 Professor of the Practice of Law
Schott, David C. 303-871-6109 Director, The Center for Advocacy
Siebecker, Michael R. 303-871-6057 Professor
Smith, Bruce P 303-871-6103 Dean, Sturm College of Law
Smith, Donald C. (Don) 303-871-6052 Professor of the Practice of Law
Snelgro, Paige Loren 303-871-6000 Visiting Professor of the Practice of Law, Lawyering Process Program
Sousa, Michael D. 303-871-6292 Associate Professor
Stoker, Kate 303-871-6428 Professor of the Practice of Law
Strand, Sabrina Lyn 303-871-6003 Assistant Professor of the Practice of Taxation and Director of the Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic
Strand, Sabrina Lyn 303-871-6003 Director of the Low Income Tax
Taylor, Celia R. 303-871-6931 Professor
Taylor, Celia R. 303-871-6931 Nanda Professor-Director of ILSP
Thomson, David I.C. 303-871-6000 John C. Dwan Professor for Online Learning
Thomson, David I.C. 303-871-6000 Professor of the Practice of Law
Tomeo, Stephanie J 303-871-6000 Assistant Dean, Business & Operations
Wald, Eli 303-871-6530 Delaney Chair
Wald, Eli 303-871-6530 Professor
Webb, Lindsey D. 303-871-6585 Director of Clinical Fellowshi
Webb, Lindsey D. 303-871-6585 Associate Professor
Wiersema, Annecoos 303-871-6525 Executive Associate Dean for A
Wiersema, Annecoos 303-871-6525 Professor

Learning Communities and Civic Engagement

Driscoll Center South
2050 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Chandrashekar, Santhosh 303-871-4313 Faculty Director of the SOAR L
Garcia, Jacqueline R. 303-871-2464 Assistant Director, Living & Learning Communities
Hurtt, Barbekka C 303-871-2450 Faculty Director of Signature
Kosempel, Paul Jacob 303-871-3528 Director, Leadership Studies P
McFail, Leah A 303-871-3993 Assistant Director, Leadership Studies Program
Sullivan, Donald G. (Don) 303-871-3043 Director, Environmental Awareness LLC
Teig, Trisha 303-871-2456 Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor
Teig, Trisha 303-871-2456 CWC Faculty Director
Walsh, Joseph Thomas (Joe) 303-871-2159 Teaching Assistant Professor

Learning Effectiveness Program

Ruffato Hall
1999 E Evans Ave Room 400
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Bailey, James Elden (Jim) 303-871-7712 Director, Learning Effectiveness Program
Benkelman, Holli Anne 303-871-2216 Counselor, Academic
Blaine, Anne E. (Annie) 303-871-7995 Counselor, Academic
Bleier, Michael 303-871-4824 Counselor, Academic
Bowling, Jessica E. 303-871-2372 Assistant I, Administrative
Carneiro, Harriet Jane 303-871-4867 Counselor, Academic
Clark, DeNair M 303-871-4293 Assistant Director, Learning Effectiveness Program
Dani, Christian M. (Chris) 303-871-2312 Counselor, Academic
Davis, Megan Alma-Marie 303-871-7840 Counselor, Academic
Ellison, Nathaniel Devon 303-871-4149 Counselor, Academic
Kucera, Katherine Marie (Katie) 303-871-2372 Manager, Enrollment & Office
Mooney, Sarah Lynn 303-871-3869 Associate Director, Learning Effectiveness Program
Philleo, Andrea 303-871-2372 Counselor, Academic
Richard, Kendra Noelle 303-871-5163 Coordinator, Tutoring
Ruderman, Jesse Andrew 303-871-3482 Specialist, Executive Functioning, LEP
Thomas, David Mark 303-871-7758 Counselor, Academic
Tweedie, Alison Rhodes 303-871-5132 Counselor, Academic
Wilson, Jennifer Darlington 303-871-3623 Counselor, Academic

Legal Administration, Master of Science in

Frank H. Ricketson Law Bldg.
2255 East Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Living and Learning Communities

Dimond Family Residential Village
2020 S. High St. P185
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Dinger, Casey 303-871-4481 Director Global Engagement LLC
Sullivan, Donald G. (Don) 303-871-3043 Director, Environmental Awareness LLC