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[email protected]

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Bologna, Federica 303-871-3737 Asst Dir, Analysis & Ops
Johnson, Carol J. 303-871-2276 Asst Dean, [email protected]
Metcalfe, Kenny K. 303-871-3934 Asst. Dir, Enrol & Std Advisor
Wilhite, Nicole L. 303-871-3859 Assistant Director, Online MBA

Mail Services

4925 E. Pacific Place

Denver CO 80222

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Conley, Mark D. 303-871-3188 Receiving,Shipping & Mail Clrk
Gatewood, Brian M. 303-871-3188 Receiving,Shipping & Mail Clrk
Girard, Tim D. 303-871-3188 Receiving,Shipping & Mail Clrk
LeBlanc, Brandy J. 303-871-3187 Manager, Mail Svcs
Milton, Mikeal L. 303-871-3188 Receiving,Shipping & Mail Clrk

Management, Department of

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Allen, Douglas B. 303-871-2428 Associate Professor
Bergh, Donald D. 303-871-4480 Beaumont Chair
Bergh, Donald D. 303-871-4480 Professor
Bilanich, Bud 303-871-2489 Assistant Teaching Professor
Bowen, Jeff G. 303-871-7692 Teaching Assoc Prof
Boyd, Ali 303-871-3415 Asst Professor of the Practice
Fukami, Cindi V. 303-871-2193 Professor
Hamilton, Aimee 303-871-3369 Associate Professor
Hamilton, Aimee 303-871-3369 Interim Academic Chair
Mitchell, Kerry J. 303-871-2489 Teaching Asst Prof
Morelli, David M. 303-871-2671 Assistant Professor of the Practice of Management
Morelli, David M. 303-871-4423 Assistant Professor of the Practice of Management
Nalick, Michael S. 303-871-2489 Assistant Professor
Narapareddy, Vijaya L. 303-871-2198 Associate Professor
Novak, Kathleen M. 303-871-2465 Teaching Asst Prof
Olk, Paul M. 303-871-4531 Assoc Dean Acad Rsrch & Accred
Schnackenberg, Andrew K. 303-871-2231 Assistant Professor
Valencia-Miller, Lowell G. 303-871-2489 MSM Program Director
Valencia-Miller, Lowell G. 303-871-2489 Teaching Assistant Professor
Valliere, Sam J. 303-871-2489 Assistant to the Chair
Wittmer, Dennis P. 303-871-2431 Professor

Marketing & Communications, Division of

Mary Reed Building
2199 S. University Blvd.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Ahrens, Theresa 303-871-4778 Director, Communications
Anthony, Katya V. 303-871-2725 Project Manager
Armstrong, Wayne 303-871-4993 Photographer
Armstrong, Wayne 303-871-3077 Photographer
Beach, Justin R. 303-871-2796 Videographer
Boocock, David E. 303-871-6479 Manager, Content Strategy
Burns, Kari M. 303-871-6081 Graphic Designer
Cadieux, Lea R. 303-871-2024 Assoc VC, Marketing & Comm
Chapman, Tamara J. 303-871-2797 Sr Managing Editor
Cleasby, Tony L. 303-871-2810 Project Manager
Cotgageorge, Evan B. 303-871-2818 Art Director
Derksen, Jeff C. 303-871-2104 Manager, Web Support Svcs
Eschenbaum, Matt M. 303-871-4256 Drupal SysAdmin/DevOps Engine
Exstrum, Jeff C. 303-871-4197 Director, Creative Svcs
Fultonberg, Lorne E. 303-871-2660 Writer
Glasgow, Greg 303-871-2776 Senior Writer
Gloor, Marnie R. 303-871-4279 Director, Digital Comm
Hurst, Alyssa K. 303-871-4536 Writer
Jarvinen, Alli H. 303-871-4140 Manager, Social Media Strategy
Kibble, Jessica P. 303-871-3170 Director, Operations
Lafland, Jordan T. 303-871-6016 Drupal Developer I - Marketing
Lux, Tony R. 303-871-4210 Manager, Content Experience
Militello, Nicole M. 303-871-4117 Senior Media Relations Special
Morris, Renea 303-871-2711 Vice Chancellor, MarComm
Nardini, Gia 303-871-3411 Assistant Professor
Pak, Daniel K. 303-871-6018 Drupal Technical Team Lead
Pendergast, Aaron M. 303-871-2692 Manager, Digital Asset
Plaszewski, Natalie A. 303-871-6145 Manager, Marketing Analytics
Raizen, Adina L. 303-871-4360 Executive Assistant, Division of Marketing & Communications
Sanders, Andrew P. 303-871-6026 Creative Project Manager
Smith, MeiLi M. 303-871-2711 Videographer/Editor
Stone, Jon J. 303-871-2781 Manager, Media Relations
Treaster, Sara S. 303-871-2316 Project Manager
Welborn, Lauren 303-871-2124 Sr UX/UI Designer
Wilbanks, Carri M. 303-871-6269 Producer
Woolen, Miles T. 303-871-2883 Graphic Designer
Yang, Chue K. 303-871-3641 Web Developer II

Marketing, Department of

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd. Room 480
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Akaka, Melissa 303-871-2415 Co-Director of CiBiC
Akaka, Melissa 303-871-2415 Associate Professor
Atefi, Yashar 303-871-3317 Assistant Professor
Atefi, Yashar 303-871-3317 Director, Sales Center
Baack, Daniel W. 303-871-3817 Associate Professor
Babic Rosario, Ana 303-871-3645 Assistant Professor
Bacon, Don R. 303-871-3317 Professor
Barcenas, Gabriela A. 303-871-3317 Assistant to the Chair
Besharat, Ali 303-871-4344 Associate Professor
Besharat, Ali 303-871-4344 Co-Director CiBiC
Buffington, Jack R. 303-871-3155 Assistant Professor of the Pra
Conley, Theresa M. 303-871-3317 Assoc Prof of the Practice
Cunningham, Michele L. 303-871-2411 Assoc Dir, Sales Leadership
Cunningham, Michele L. 303-871-2411 Teaching Assoc Prof
Garcia, Rosanna 303-871-3121 Koch Chair
Garcia, Rosanna 303-871-3121 Professor
Griffith, Kristal L. 303-871-3379 Director, Comm & PR
Hartley, Steven W. 303-871-2144 Professor
Hartley, Steven W. 303-871-2144 Co-Chair of Marketing
Johnson, Carol J. 303-871-2276 Associate Professor
Myers, Michael I. 303-871-3317 Teaching Assoc Prof
Paul, Pallab 303-871-4143 Professor
Paul, Pallab 303-871-4143 Co-Chair of Marketing
Quinlan-Wilder, Tia M. 303-871-2542 Teaching Assoc Prof
Wagner, Gregory L. 303-871-2467 Teaching Assoc Prof

Marsico Institute for Early Learning and Literacy

University Office Annex
2190 South High Street
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Kutaka, Traci 303-871-2983 Research Associate

Master of Science in Business Administration

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd.
Denver CO 80210

Mathematics, Department of

Clarence M. Knudson Hall
2390 S. York St.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Antonioli, John 303-871-3017 Teaching Assistant Professor
Arias, Alvaro 303-871-2911 Professor
Bolton, Susan S. 303-871-3344 Assistant to the Chair
Botelho-Andrade, Sara 303-871-3862 Visiting Assistant Professor
Dobrinen, Natasha L. 303-871-2120 Professor
Flaherty, Kelly A. 303-871-2093 Teaching Associate Professor
French, Thomas K. 303-871-3507 Teaching Assistant Professor
Galatos, Nick 303-871-3581 Professor
Horn, Paul 303-871-3095 Associate Professor
Jennings-Shaffer, Christopher 303-871-3138 Visiting Assistant Professor
Kanade, Shashank 303-871-3199 Assistant Professor
Kinyon, Michael 303-871-3288 Professor
Kossek, Wojciech K. 303-871-4138 Visiting Assist Teaching Prof
Latremoliere, Frederic 303-871-2803 Professor
Linshaw, Andrew R. 303-871-2802 Associate Professor
Ormes, Nicholas S. 303-871-3325 Associate Professor
Pavlov, Ronnie L. 303-871-4001 Associate Professor
Reiber, Allegra B. 303-871-2807 Teaching Instructor
Schmieding, Scott E. 303-871-3106 Visiting Assistant Professor
Schroeck, Franklin E. 303-871-3064 Research Professor
Ugolini, Sara 303-871-4213 Visiting Assistant Professor
Vojtechovsky, Petr 303-871-2911 Professor
Vojtechovsky, Petr 303-871-2911 Chair of Mathematics
Yin, Mei 303-871-2130 Associate Professor

Media, Film and Journalism Studies

Mass Communications Building
2490 S. Gaylord St.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Botta, Renee A. 303-871-7918 Associate Professor
Brown, Joe V. 303-871-2166 Assistant Professor
Clark, Lynn Schofield S. 303-871-3984 Chair, Media/Film/Journalism
Clark, Lynn Schofield S. 303-871-3984 Professor & Dir, Estlow Center
Coats, Curtis D. 303-871-2166 Visiting Teaching Assist. Prof
Coleman, Christopher D. 303-871-7423 Professor
Coppini, David 303-871-4368 Assistant Professor
DeCarvalho, Lauren J. 303-871-3832 Assistant Professor
Demont-Heinrich, Christof B. 303-871-4699 Associate Professor
Depper, William H. 303-871-4661 Teaching Professor
El Damanhoury, Kareem R. 303-871-2166 Assistant Professor
Jimenez Jr., Carlos 303-871-4317 Assistant Professor
Kaneva, Nadia S. 303-871-4574 Associate Professor
Liberman, Rachael 303-871-3976 Teaching Assistant Professor
Marlow, Peggy S. 303-871-3954 Assistant to the Chair III
Matranga, Andrew 303-871-2166 Teaching Associate Professor
Polson, Erika 303-871-3831 Associate Professor
Reddell, Trace E. 303-871-3874 Associate Professor
Schroeder, Sheila E. 303-871-4701 Associate Professor
Schwartz, Emily D. 303-871-2166 Manager, Communications
Silver, Derigan A. 303-871-2657 Director, CILCA
Silver, Derigan A. 303-871-2657 Associate Professor
Thompson, Margaret E. 303-871-3947 Associate Professor

Mentoring Program


Mount Evans Astronomical Observatory

High Altitude Lab
Mt. Evans
Idaho Springs CO 80452

Mount Evans Field Station

Echo Lake

Denver CO 80210

Multimedia Services

Penrose Library
2150 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Music, Lamont School of

Newman Performing Arts Center
2344 East Iliff Ave.
Denver CO 80210Ce

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Baker, Lynn L. 303-871-6997 Professor
Banducci, Antonia L. 303-871-6920 Professor
Bardill, Sara 303-871-6955 Teaching Associate Professor
Bardill, Sara 303-871-6955 Adjunct Applied Instructor
Bouton, Art E. 303-871-6937 Professor
Byrd-Marrow, David 303-871-6400 Assistant Professor
Campbell, Stephen L. 303-871-6950 Director, Admission
Cheng, Stephanie 303-871-6400 Teaching Assistant Professor
Deck, Warren 303-871-6885 Adjunct Applied Instructor
Delageorgou, Smaragda 303-871-6952 Assistant to the Director
Finlay, Scott 303-871-6365 Executive Director, CYSO
Furry, Michael S. 303-871-6980 Coordinator, Building
Golan, Lawrence 303-871-6400 Professor
Goldstein, Deanna L. 303-871-6400 Administrative Assistant II
Holland, Roger 303-871-6946 Teaching Assistant Professor
Hood, Alan J. 303-871-6918 Professor
Jones, Keith W. 303-871-6423 Piano Technician
Kasch, Catherine L. 303-871-6954 Adjunct Applied Instructor
Kasch, Catherine L. 303-871-6954 Teaching Associate Professor
Kehn, Conrad W. 303-871-4827 Adjunct Applied Instructor
Kuhl, Maddy 303-871-6634 Manager, Concert Prod. & Fac.
Kuuskmann, Martin 303-871-6953 Asst Prof, Bassoon/Chmbr Music
Leathwood, Jonathan L. 303-871-6929 Teaching Associate Professor
Lim, Rachel E. 303-871-6404 Academic Advisor
Martin, Joseph P. 303-871-6419 Associate Professor
Mayer, Steven A. 303-871-6958 Professor
Mitchell, Angela R. 303-871-6973 Coordinator, Admission
Morelli, Sarah L. 303-871-6962 Associate Professor
Nouri, Sahar 303-871-6400 Assistant Professor
Ohriner, Mitchell S. 303-871-6234 Assistant Professor
Pikayzen, Igor 303-871-6400 Assistant Professor
Plenk, Matthew A. 303-871-6261 Assistant Professor of Voice
Reynolds, Jeremy W. 303-871-6365 Associate Professor
Rot, John W. 303-871-6400 Visiting Teach Asst Prof
Sailer, Catherine A. 303-871-6416 Professor
Schulze, Michael J. 303-871-6984 Teaching Associate Professor
Sheinbaum, Jack J. 303-871-6988 Associate Professor
Sheinbaum, Jack J. 303-871-6988 Assoc Dir, Academic Affairs
Taavola, Kristin S. 303-871-6942 Associate Professor
Wang, Linda 303-871-6951 Professor
Ward, Keith C. 303-871-6986 Professor and Director
Whitmore, Aleysia K. 303-871-6400 Assistant Professor
Wickham, Donna H. 303-871-6945 Adjunct Applied Professor
Wiest, Steve S. 303-871-2018 Professor
Wiger, Chris 303-871-6499 Manager, Public Relations
Wisekal, Ian 303-871-6450 Coordinator, Public Relations
Zalkind, Matthew 303-871-6400 Assistant Professor of Cello