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Panhellenic Council

Driscoll Center North
2055 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Parent Relations

Driscoll Center South
2050 E. Evans Ave. Suite 30
Denver CO 80210

Parking and Mobility Service

2130 S. High St.

Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Koke, May Lee Terhune 303-871-3825 Manager, Parking Services
Reynolds, Patrick Harold 303-871-4498 Manager, Field Maintenance
Stegmaier, Michael R. 303-871-4380 Manager, Fleet
Vaughn, Megan M 303-871-2369 Director of Parking Services
Veloff, Steven James (Steve) 303-871-6852 Analyst, Application Systems

Philosophy, Department of

Sturm Hall
2000 East Asbury Avenue Room 257
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Nail, Thomas Andrew 303-871-2063 Professor
Nathan, Marco J 303-871-2767 Professor
Nathan, Marco J 303-871-2767 Chair, Philosophy
Nieft, Jared K. 303-871-6384 Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy
Pessin, Susan (Sarah) 303-871-7731 Professor
Reshotko, Naomi 303-871-2765 Professor

Phipps Memorial Conference Center

Phipps Conference Center
3400 Belcaro Dr.
Denver CO 80210

Physics and Astronomy, Department of

Physics Building
2112 E. Wesley Ave. Room 211
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Balzar, Davor 303-871-2137 Associate Professor
Balzar, Davor 303-871-2137 Chair, Physics and Astronomy
Calbi, Maria M 303-871-2693 Professor
Fan, Xin 303-871-2783 Associate Professor
Fan, Xin 303-871-2783 Faculty w/Research
Gaalswyk, Kari Randa 303-871-2238 Fellow, Postdoctoral Research
Ghosh, Kingshuk 303-871-4866 Professor
Hallam, Peter B. 303-871-4346 Manager, Lab & Lab Teacher
Hoffman, Jennifer L. 303-871-2268 Director of Chamberlain Observ
Hoffman, Jennifer L. 303-871-2268 Professor, Womble Chair
Iona, Steven (Steve) 303-871-2873 Teaching Professor
Loerke, Dinah 303-871-3506 Associate Professor
Loerke, Dinah 303-871-3506 Faculty w/Research
Ormes, Jonathan F. 303-871-3552 Professor, Research
Salev, Pavel 303-871-3455 Physics Assistant Professor
Siemens, Mark 303-871-3541 Associate Chair, Physics and A
Siemens, Mark 303-871-3541 Professor
Ueta, Toshiya 303-871-3523 Associate Professor
Weber, Tristan D. 303-871-2238 Teaching Assistant Professor
Zink, Barry L 303-871-3025 Professor

Pioneer ID Card Office

Driscoll Center South
2050 E. Evans Ave. Lower Level #4
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Mendez, Richard K 303-871-4545 Specialist I, ID Card Office
Murray, Scott W. 303-871-4496 Specialist II, ID System

Pioneer Leadership Living

Driscoll Center South
2050 E. Evans Ave. Suite 13
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Brooks, Effley Nathaniel 303-871-3348 Teaching Assistant Professor
Duley, Ontario Redding 303-871-3993 Coordinator, Program, Community Relations
Kosempel, Paul Jacob 303-871-3528 Teaching Professor

Pioneers CARE


Planning and Budget Office

Mary Reed Building
2199 S. University Blvd.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Averett, Alexzandria Capri 303-871-4016 Officer I, Business
Bolling, Nashwa Kalea 303-871-2307 Associate Director, Institutional Research
Emmerich, Clinton Richard (Clint) 303-871-4060 Associate Vice Provost, University Budget & Analysis
Grajzel, Katalin 303-871-4060 Analyst , Rankings Research
Guilbault, Erika Kysa Marie 303-871-2822 Officer I, Business
Krause, Abigail Slone (Abbey) 303-871-2966 Director, Business & Operations
Rose, Faith 303-871-4511 Officer I, Business
Seagle, Margaret Anne (Maggie) 303-871-2763 Manager, Analytics & Operations
Teets, England A. (Lanny) 303-871-4264 Director, University Budget Systems & Analysis
Walker, Tamie (Tamie) 303-871-4807 Executive Director, Business & Operations

Political Science, Department of

Sturm Hall
2000 East Asbury Avenue
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Acevedo, Jesse 303-871-2743 Assistant Professor
Chatfield, Sara 303-871-2136 Assistant Professor
Chen, Philip (Phil) 303-871-2743 Assistant Professor
Conant, Lisa 303-871-2629 Professor
Eckhouse, Laurel Ruth 303-871-2743 Visiting Assistant Research Professor
Greenberger, Michael P 303-871-2743 Assistant Professor-American Politics
Masket, Seth 303-871-2718 Professor
Sperber, Elizabeth Sheridan (Liz) 303-871-2743 Assistant Professor
Squires, Darlene J. 303-871-2743 Assistant to the Chair I
Sun, Jing 303-871-3818 Professor
Sun, Jing 303-871-3818 Chair
Vigil, Tanika Paz Suggs 303-871-2743 Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor
Wilson, Joshua C 303-871-2280 Professor
Wolflink, Alena L. 303-871-2743 Assistant Professor

President, Office of the

Mary Reed Building
2199 S. University Blvd. Room 101
Denver CO 80210

Professional Psychology, Graduate School of

Ammi Hyde Building
2450 South Vine Street
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Adkins, Erica L. 303-871-6195 Assistant Professor
Altavilla, Rachel M 303-871-5230 Coordinator, Student Services
Anderson, Laura Lynne 303-871-4392 Coordinator, Academic Data
Aoyagi, Mark W. 303-871-3882 Professor
Barrs, Katy 303-871-4930 Clinical Associate Professor
Beaumund, Brian Thomas 303-871-4299 Faculty
Biedenbach, Rachel A. 303-871-2572 Coordinator, Clinic, Denver FIRST
Bishop, Ramona L. 303-871-2470 Director, Communications & Outreach
Campbell, Sara 303-871-3736 Teaching Assistant Professor, Kinesiology and Sport Studies
Caskey, Rachel 303-871-3873 Director, Academic Services
Choi, Seong-In (Scarlett) 303-871-3346 Associate Professor
Colburn, Melissa Renee (Renee) 303-871-3875 Assistant Director, Business & Operations
Danecki, Hope Esther 303-871-3988 Coordinator, Practicum & Internship
Elliott, Kelly Lavin 303-871-3084 Research Faculty, Perinatal to Five Specialty, PsyD Program
Felipe, Lou Collette Santos 303-871-6245 Associate Professor, Interim PsyD Program Co-Director
Fox, Judith E. 303-871-3879 Professor
Francis, Joshua M (Josh) 303-871-4803 Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor
Gearity, Brian 303-871-4027 Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, GSPP
Gearity, Brian 303-871-4027 Professor & Dir MA Coach Sports Education
Gorgens, Kimberly A. (Kim) 303-871-4160 Professor
Gowensmith, Neil 303-871-4841 Associate Professor
Grabowski, Karen Elizabeth 303-871-4578 Clinical Assistant Professor
Hanniball, Katherine B. 303-871-7579 Fellow, Postdoctoral Research, Denver FIRST (FINES)
Hassan, Iman 303-871-4835 Clinical Assistant Professor
Henderson Metzger, Lynett 303-871-4684 Clinical Associate Professor and Director, MA Forensic Psychology
Holmberg, John R 303-871-2283 Research Associate Professor
Holmberg, John R 303-871-2283 Faculty w/Research
Houston, Beau M (Beau Manierre) 303-871-6484 Post Doctoral Fellow, Kinesiology and Sport Studies
Joseph, Claire K. 303-871-6029 Coordinator, Admission
Kuklick, Clayton Roth 303-871-6089 Clinical Associate Professor
Landin, Carrie Michele 303-871-5156 Clinical Assistant Professor
Lefforge, Noelle L. 303-871-5289 Clinical Associate Professor, PPC Director, Interim PsyD Program Co-Director
Lefforge, Noelle L. 303-871-5289 Associate Dean for Applied Research and Sponsored Programs, GSPP
Luallen, Mayson R. 303-871-5238 Coordinator, Finance & Contract
Mall, Megan Lee 303-871-2382 Manager, Student Records
McKinney, Elizabeth (Liz) 303-871-2297 Assistant Dean, Business & Operations
McMahon, Jennifer 303-871-6346 Research Assistant Professor
Meyer, Laura Jane 303-871-3203 Clinical Professor
Mitchell, Gwen Vogel 303-871-3510 Associate Professor & Co-Director, International Disaster Psychology Program
Nadkarni, Lavita I. 303-871-3877 Professor
Oland, Alyssa Ann 303-871-3736 Visiting Clinical Associate Professor
Orr, Lissa M. 303-871-2179 Manager, Operations & Building
Poczwardowski, Artur 303-871-2809 Professor
Quirk, Kelley M. 303-871-4737 Teaching Assistant Professor
Ramzy, Laura Marie 303-871-3426 Clinical Associate Professor and IDP Field Placement Director
Rogers, Ryan Colby 303-871-7896 Clinical Assistant Professor
Rogers, Ryan Colby 303-871-7896 Faculty w/Research
Schellman, Julie Lynn Meyer 303-871-2908 Director, Enrollment
Shapiro, Jamie 303-871-3583 Professor
Sharp, Carwyn 303-871-5308 Teaching Assistant Professor
Smith-Acuna, Shelly 303-871-3880 Professor
Sterling, Katherine 303-871-7570 Fellow, Postdoctoral Research, Denver FIRST
Swierstra, Marijke 303-871-7532 Assistant, Executive
Walker, Kaela Mary 303-871-5269 Manager, Student & Academic Services, Kinesiology & Sport Studies
Wilson, Torrey 303-871-3876 Dean, Graduate School of Professional Psychology
Woelk, Theresa Lee 303-871-3091 Administrator, Grants
Younger, Jasmyn 303-871-3086 Manager, Applied Clinical Research Project

Project X-ITE

Margery Reed Hall
2306 E. Evans Ave. Room 116
Denver CO 80210

Provost, Office of the

Mary Reed Building
2199 S. University Blvd. Room 203
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Alvarez, Leslie Dianne Cramblet 303-871-7885 Assistant Vice Provost, Teaching & Learning
Bellamy, Jennifer Lee (Jenn) 303-871-2392 Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs
Brewer, Elise Rosado 303-871-2966 Designer, Web Content
Burgert, Kristi A. 303-871-2630 Manager, Academic Operations
Clark, Mary L 303-871-3994 Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor
Ferguson, Kellie Marie 303-871-2966 Faculty Developer, Integrative & Experiential Learning
Gorchow, Christian H 303-871-2966 Associate, Postdoctoral Research
Grosh, Mandy F 303-871-4390 Assistant, Executive
Karas, Jennifer 303-871-6793 Senior Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
Kim, Kayoung 303-871-4328 Director, Scholarship of Teaching & Learning & Faculty Learning Communities
Kosanovich, Monica Lynn 303-871-2448 Associate Director, Academic Programs
Kosten, Linda Arey 303-871-7922 Senior Vice Provost, University Budget, Planning & Administration
Meraz, Cristina 303-871-2966 Assistant, Executive
Rainwater, Terese S. 303-871-5194 Manager, Project
Schlosser, Alexis B. (Lexi) 303-871-7882 Faculty Developer, Online Learning
Sponsler, Laura Elizabeth 303-871-2720 Director, Faculty Development
Warner, Grace Hunt 303-871-2804 Assistant Director
Yap, Jasmine J 303-871-2966 Director, Inclusive Teaching Practices

Psychology, Department of

Frontier Hall
2155 S. Race St.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Alamo, Anely 303-871-2478 Coordinator, Project
Augustinis, Asher L. 303-871-2478 Assistant I, Administrative
Baca, Kariann (Kari) 303-871-3799 Coordinator I, Business
Chapman, Claire Louise 303-871-2478 Coordinator, Project
Chiew, Kimberly Sarah 303-871-3721 Associate Professor
Chioetto, Giulia 303-871-2478 Coordinator, Project
Collum, Jennifer 303-871-4421 Manager, Grants & Budget
Davis, Elysia P 303-871-3790 Professor
Davis, Elysia P 303-871-3790 Faculty
Davis, Elysia P 303-871-3790 Director, Pregnancy Research C
Dmitrieva, Julia O. 303-871-3979 Professor
Doom, Jenalee (Jena) 303-871-2157 Faculty w/Research
Doom, Jenalee (Jena) 303-871-2157 Assistant Professor
Dube, Nandi D. 303-871-2478 Research Assistant
Fisher, Claire 303-871-2478 Research Assistant
Fox, Kathryn R 303-871-2478 Assistant Professor
Garrido, Edward 303-871-3734 Teaching Assistant Professor
Haith, Marshall M. 303-871-3777 Professor Emeritus
Holm-Denoma, Jill (Jill) 303-871-2593 Director, Center for Child & Family Psychology
Holm-Denoma, Jill (Jill) 303-871-2593 Director of Clinical Training
Holm-Denoma, Jill (Jill) 303-871-2593 Clinical Professor
Huff, Sarah 303-871-2478 Teaching Assistant Professor
Julian, Ariel Alejandro 303-871-7774 Coordinator, Research
Kim, Pilyoung 303-871-4132 Professor
Le, Yunying (Yunying (Annie)) 303-871-4742 Research Assistant Professor
Lee, Jennifer (Jenny) 303-871-2478 Coordinator, Project
Legette, Kamilah B. 303-871-4893 Assistant Professor
Legette, Kamilah B. 303-871-4893 Faculty w/Research
Liu, Yunjing (Daphne) 303-871-2478 Fellow, Postdoctoral Research, Family Research Center
Lloyd, E. Paige (Paige) 303-871-7473 Assistant Professor
Lloyd, E. Paige (Paige) 303-871-7473 Faculty w/Research
Manczak, Erika M 303-871-2576 Assistant Professor
McGrath, Lauren M. 303-871-7468 Associate Professor
McGrath, Lauren M. 303-871-7468 Faculty w/Research
McIntosh, Daniel N. 303-871-2112 Faculty w/Research
McIntosh, Daniel N. 303-871-2112 Professor
McRae, Kateri 303-871-3632 Chair
McRae, Kateri 303-871-3632 Professor
Miller, Pamela 303-871-2713 Teaching Professor
Narayan, Angela J 303-871-4124 Associate Professor
Pella, Collette Nadine 303-871-2478 Coordinator, Family Support
Perry, Nicholas S 303-871-2041 Research Assistant Professor
Plank-Houghtaling, Paula 303-871-3803 Coordinator, Program
Purcel, Jessica Marie 303-871-2478 Manager, Programs & Community Outreach
Reichmann-Decker, Aimee 303-871-4845 Teaching Professor
Rhoades, Galena 303-871-4280 Director, Family Research Ctr
Rhoades, Galena 303-871-4280 Research Professor
Rhoades, Galena 303-871-4280 Faculty w/Research
Rossi, Christy 303-871-3163 Teaching Associate Professor
Rozenman, Michelle 303-871-3160 Associate Professor
Rozenman, Michelle 303-871-3160 Faculty w/Research
Santerre-Lemmon, Laura E. 303-871-4094 Faculty w/Research
Santerre-Lemmon, Laura E. 303-871-4094 Clinical Assistant Professor; Director, Developmental Neuropsychology Clinic
Saracusa, Mia Francesca Carson 303-871-3819 Assistant to the Chair II
Sokol-Hessner, Peter 303-871-3837 Assistant Professor
Spilka, Bernie (Bernie) 303-871-2478 Professor Emeritus
Stanley, Scott Michael 303-871-3062 Research Professor
Stencel, Robert 303-871-2135 Professor
Storage, Daniel Shafik 303-871-2924 Teaching Assistant Professor
Sweeny, Timothy Daniel 303-871-2191 Associate Professor
Todd, Erin Lee 303-871-2478 Assistant I, Research
Vuletich, Heidi A. 303-871-3792 Assistant Professor
Watamura, Sarah Enos 303-871-4130 Professor
Weisbuch, Max 303-871-2478 Associate Professor
Wilson, Naloni 303-871-2478 Coordinator, Clinic

Public Policy Studies, Institute for

Sie Complex
2201 S. Gaylord St. Suite 3005
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Salucci, Lapo 303-871-3638 Teaching Associate Professor

Public Policy, Graduate & Undergraduate Programs in

Mary Reed Building
2199 S. University Blvd. Room 107
Denver CO 80210

Publishing Institute

Sturm Hall
2000 East Asbury Avenue Room 386
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Conder, Jennifer Susanne 303-871-2570 Associate Director
Shaheen, Margaret Lauren 303-871-7690 Coordinator, Program
Smith, Jill Nasman 303-871-7691 Director, Publishing Institute

Purchasing Services

Purchasing/Business Services
2467 S. Vine St.
Denver CO 80210