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Safety, Department of Campus

Campus Safety Center
2130 S. High St.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Andersen, Jon E. 303-871-6803 Officer, Campus Safety
Atwood, Christina L. 303-871-3132 Sergeant
Botello, Alejandro 303-871-2139 Technician, Communication
Caldwell, Brittany E. 303-871-2139 Technician, Communication
Carver, Mary C. 303-871-7012 Specialist, Systems Support
Collins, Kelli L. 303-871-2519 Assistant Director, Compliance & Admin
Cruz, Jesse J. 303-871-2139 Officer, Campus Safety
Davis, Chris J. 303-871-2139 Technician, Communication
Drelles, Adam T. 303-871-2334 Corporal
Duffy-Rimblas, Julianne 303-871-3224 Officer, Campus Safety
Fetrow, Michael W. 303-871-4226 Investigator, Campus Safety
Gerard, Shawn M. 303-871-2139 Corporal, Patrol
Hall, Dayshon M. 303-871-2334 Officer, Campus Safety
Hamrick, Thomas 303-871-2139 Officer, Campus Safety
Hasty, Douglas D. 303-871-2334 Captain
Holt, Mike 303-871-3622 Interim Director, Campus Safety
Major, Bob L. 303-871-2139 Campus Safety Officer
Malott, Kimo 303-871-2601 Sergeant
Murfin, Troy J. 303-871-2139 Officer, Campus Safety
Oles, Jacob O. 303-871-2139 Officer, Campus Safety
Osborne, Joe D. 303-871-2334 Officer, Campus Safety
Pace, Jared D. 303-871-2236 Technician, Lead Electronic Security System
Roll, Michael A. 303-871-2334 Corporal, Patrol
Scott, William 303-871-7736 Technician, Electronic Security System
Shipley, Nic D. 303-871-2139 Communication Technician
Simpson, Jeff A. 303-871-7655 Manager, Emergency Preparedness
Smith, Dylan T. 303-871-2139 Officer, Campus Safety
Steele, Shauna D. 303-871-3215
Steele, Shauna D. 303-871-3215 Coordinator II, Business
Stryker, Brynna K. 303-871-2139 Technician, Communication
Taylor, Kevin A. 303-871-2334 Officer, Campus Safety
Taylor, Robert 303-871-2139 Technician, Communication
Tenner, Mike L. 303-871-2139 Campus Safety Officer
Trujillo, Ashley N. 303-871-2139 Communication Technician
Ulrich, Matt K. 303-871-6545 Specialist, Support
Veerkamp, Jeremy W. 303-871-3779 Officer, Campus Safety
Whinnie, Cassidy A. 303-871-2139 Officer, Campus Safety
White, Eric J. 303-871-2334 Sergeant

Safety, Department of Campus, Communications Center

Centennial Halls South
1870 S. High St.
Denver CO 80210

Service Learning and Civic Engagement, Center for

Driscoll Center South
2050 E. Evans Ave. Room 22
Denver CO 80210

Shared Services

Administrative Office Building
2601 E. Colorado Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Allange, Eryn 303-871-3357 Officer, Business Floater
Bennett, Chris T. 303-871-3044 Executive Director, Shared Services
Blumenauer, Ashley N. 303-871-2822 Manager, Business & Operations
Bosch, Nikki 303-871-4077 Manager, Communication & Training
Burke, Sandy J. 303-871-4016 Officer I, Business
Burkhardt, Maggie A. 303-871-4287 Specialist, Benefits
Childs, Sarah B. 303-871-3501 Manager, Shared Services
Cozzens, Marcy L. 303-871-7770 Manager, Recruiting Services
Good, Sina L. 303-871-3502 Specialist, Employment
Grant, Ces 303-871-4801 Senior Specialist, Payments
Johnson, Lorelei J. 303-871-7420 Procurement Contract Administrator
Kogovsek, Jennifer A. 303-871-4877 Director, Operations & Special Projects
Kruse, Paulina J. 303-871-2912 Agent, Procurement Purchasing
Krzyznieski, Macy 303-871-2914 Specialist, Payroll
Lewis, Joel T. 303-871-4069 Senior Payments Analyst
Liberatore, Leia B. 303-871-4106 Director, Procurement Services
Lindsay, Tess E. 303-871-3872 Shared Services Specialist, Lead
Lopez, Lauren E. 303-871-4200 Administrator, Procurement Contract
Lovan, Jessica L. 303-871-2616 Senior Specialist, Benefits
Miller, Sarah 303-871-7420 Analyst, Travel & Purchasing Card
Nagy, Amy J. 303-871-6770 Coordinator, Accounting & Billing
Norman, Shaunda 303-871-7420 Director, HR Services
Punch, Christopher A. 303-871-4063 Specialist, Payment
Rose, Faith 303-871-7420 Officer I, Business
Ross, Dylan P. 303-871-4010 Specialist, Project
Schneider, Tammy L. 303-871-4807 Director, Business & Operations
Shoup, Margaret L. 303-871-4072 Analyst, Financial
Shuman, Linda L. 303-871-3393 Director, Disbursements
Stinson, Battsetseg L. 303-871-3744 Specialist, Payroll
Stump, Katy M. 303-871-4107 Manager, Payment Services
Trang, Huong T. 303-871-2822
Vigliotti, Grace A. 303-871-7420 Recruiter

Social Justice Living and Learning Community

Driscoll Center South
2050 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Social Work, Graduate School of

Craig Hall
2148 South High St.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Altschul, Inna 303-871-4243 Associate Professor
Alvarez, Lenore A. 303-871-4642 Coordinator, Grants
Anyon, Yoli 303-871-3657 Associate Professor
Arnold-Renicker, Heather C. 303-871-2886 Clinical Assistant Professor
Barman Adhikari, Anamika 303-871-2923 Associate Professor
Becker, Mary C. 303-871-2442 Director, Budget & Planning
Becker-Hafnor, Trish 303-871-3615 Director, Community Engagement
Bellamy, Jenn L. 303-871-2392 Professor
Bellamy, Jenn L. 303-871-2392 Associate Dean, Research
Beltran, Ramona 303-871-2886 Associate Professor
Benabe, Karina A. 303-871-2886 Field Education Coordinator
Bender, Kimberly A. 303-871-6760 Professor
Bender, Kimberly A. 303-871-6760 Philip D. and Eleanor G. Winn Professor for Children and Youth at Risk
Bennett, Rachel L. 303-871-3156 Manager, Project
Bensen, Karen J. 303-871-3709 Clinical Associate Professor of Social Work, Coordinator of Dual Degrees
Bexell, Sarah 303-871-3497 Clinical Associate Professor
Bharwani, Aneesha S. 303-871-7463 Associate Professor of the Practice of Social Work and Assistant Dean of Field Education
Bharwani, Aneesha S. 303-871-7463 Assistant Dean for Field Education and Community Partnerships, Associate Professor of the Practice
Blumenthal, Deborah A. 303-871-2628 Clinical Field Manager
Breinig-Glunz, Denise M. 303-871-2917 Clinical Assistant Professor, Field Faculty/ PROGRESS Coordinator
Brisson, Daniel S. 303-871-4805 Professor
Brisson, Daniel S. 303-871-4805 Executive Director of the Center for Housing and Homelessness Research
Causey, Kerry A. 303-871-6162 Clinical Assistant Professor
Cloud, William A. 303-871-2921 Professor
Correll, Akio 303-871-4680 Associate Director of Instructional Design, Assessment and Accreditation
Doughty, Janelle F. 303-871-2886 Associate Professor of the Practice of Social Work and Program Director of the Four Corners MSW Program
Ekholm Fry, Nina 303-871-3101
Elvove, Erica 303-871-2886 Associate Director, IHAC
Enderby, Anne 303-871-2839 Assistant, Executive
Forbes, Rachel 970-945-1133 Associate Professor of the Practice of Social Work, Western Colorado MSW Program Director
Fulginiti, Anthony L. 303-871-2886 Assistant Professor
Gaibor, Lorena 303-871-4205 Clinical Assistant Professor
Garcia, Roberto A. 303-871-2602 Executive Director, Enrollment
Garofalini, Dana M. 303-871-2506 Therapy Expert, Multisystemic
George, Stephanie T. 303-871-3868 Director for the MSW@Denver Program, Associate Professor of the Practice of Social Work
Gerke, Donny R. 303-871-6058 Assistant Professor
Gonzales, Brian C. 303-871-2931 Clinical Assistant Professor
Gonzales, Brian C. 303-871-2931 Concentration Coordinator, MH & Online MH & Trauma Concentrations
Good, Amity L. 303-871-2397 Clinical Assistant Professor
Greenfield, Jennifer 303-871-2770 Associate Professor
Greenfield, Jennifer 303-871-2770 Assoc Dean for Doctoral Ed.
Hanna, Michele D. 303-871-3444 Coordinator of Accreditation
Hanna, Michele D. 303-871-3444 Assoc Dean for DEI
Hanna, Michele D. 303-871-3444 Associate Professor
Harrop, Erin N. 303-871-2886 Assistant Professor
Hasche, Leslie K. 303-871-4816 Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Hasche, Leslie K. 303-871-4816 Associate Professor
Hase, Carla M. 970-247-9773 Assistant Director, 4 Corners
He, Amy S. 303-871-2886 Assistant Professor
Holder, Ali I. 303-871-4007 Administrator, Grants
Hunter, Lauren R. 303-871-5522 Multisystemic Therapy Expert
Hurlbert, Lizy 303-871-7886 Assistant II, Administrative
Johnson, Kathryn L. 303-871-3896 Clinical Associate Professor, Associate Director for Field Education
Kim, Johnny 303-871-2886 Professor
Laser-Maira, Julie A. 303-871-2886 Associate Professor
Lundgren, Lena M. 303-871-4066 Professor
Mafana, Christine C. 303-871-1311 Coordinator, Marketing & Communications
Martinez, Michelle G. 303-871-3940 Coordinator I, Business
Mason, Chris W. 303-871-2506 Lead,Multisystemic Therapy Expert
Mason, Lisa R. 303-871-6033 Associate Professor
McBride, Amanda M. 303-871-2203 Dean
McBride, Amanda M. 303-871-2203 Morris Endowed Dean and Professor
McQueen, Jae 303-871-2886 Coordinator for Adjunct Faculty Support and Development
McQueen, Jae 303-871-2886 Associate Professor of the Practice of Social Work
Mitchell, Julianne R. 303-871-2886 Clinical Associate Professor
Moore, Christie 303-871-5803 Assistant Professor of the Practice of Social Work, Field Faculty
Morris, Kevin N. 303-871-2886 Research Associate Professor
Nicotera, Nicole 303-871-2301 Professor
O'Hara, Elizabeth M. 303-871-2095 Director, Marketing & Communications
O'Sullivan, Krislyn J. 303-871-2960 Manager, Professional Advising
Olivares, Kati 303-871-2650 Coordinator, Program
Ortega, Deb M. 303-871-3359 Professor and Director, University of Denver Latino Center for Community Engagement and Scholarship
Petitt, Yvonne 303-871-2801 Coordinator II, Business
Petrila, Ann T. 303-871-2886 Professor of the Practice, Coordinator of Global Initiatives, Director of Global Practice Bosnia
Phan, Phuong T. 303-871-4352 Director, Programs & Partnerships
Ratico, Jennie A. 303-871-2774 Director, Operations
Robbins, Cory M. 303-871-2886 Therapy Expert, Multisystemic
Ross, Kate 303-871-2842 Associate Professor of the Practice of Social Work
Ross, Kate 303-871-2842 Director Denver Campus MSW Program
Said, Stacy N. 303-871-6146 Advisor, Career Development
Sarantakos, Sophia 303-871-2738 Assistant Professor
Schroeder, Patty E. 303-871-6775 Senior Administrator, Grants
Scott, Marquisha L. 303-871-2886 Assistant Professor
Sienkiewicz, Michele 303-871-7899 Professor of the Practice of Social Work, Associate Director for Online Field Education
Sliva, Shannon 303-871-4451 Assistant Professor
Spears, Channing M. 303-871-2886 Coordinator, Field Education
Talamantes, Michael M. 303-871-2886 Clinical Professor
Taussig, Heather N. 303-871-2937 Professor
Tedeschi, Philip 303-871-3833 Clinical Professor, Executive Director ? Institute for Human-Animal Connection
Uomoto, Andie A. 303-871-2506 Assistant Director, CEI
Valdovinos, Miriam G. 303-871-2445 Assistant Professor
Veres, Victoria 303-871-2779 Associate Director, Enrollment
Walls, Eugene 303-871-4367 Professor
Wang, Kaipeng 303-871-5333 Assistant Professor
Weinstein, Courtney R. 303-871-6265 Manager, Program
Wilcox, Carole C. 303-871-4088 Director, Butler Operations
Wilson, Jennifer H. 303-871-4299
Wisneski, Hope E. 303-871-7628 Associate Dean, Operations & Chief of Staff
Zaslav, Jessica 303-871-4663 Assistant Professor of the Practice, Field Faculty
von Merz, Stephen T. 303-871-2886 Clinical Associate Professor

Sociology and Criminology, Department of

Sturm Hall
2000 East Asbury Avenue Room 446
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Campbell II, Michael C. 303-871-6008 Associate Professor
Del Rosso, Jared 303-871-2948 Associate Professor
Gibson-Light, Michael J. 303-871-2948 Assistant Professor
Gordon, Hava R. 303-871-3603 Associate Professor
Lautenschlager, Rachel E. 303-871-2948 Assistant Professor
Levesque, Amie E. 303-871-6598 Teaching Assistant Professor
Lin, Jeffrey L. 303-871-6674 Associate Professor
Martinez, Lisa M. 303-871-2948 Professor
Miller, Dorene L. 303-871-2064 Assistant to the Chair I
Pasko, Lisa J. 303-871-2948 Chair, Sociology & Criminology
Pasko, Lisa J. 303-871-2948 Associate Professor
Phillips, Scott 303-871-2059 Professor
Steidley, Tate T. 303-871-2066 Assistant Professor
Stockstill, Casey L. 303-871-2948 Assistant Professor

Source, The (DU Community Newspaper)

Mary Reed Building
2199 S. University Blvd. Room 122
Denver CO 80210

Spanish Language, Literary & Cultural Studies


Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Adamo, Paula E. 303-871-6659 Teaching Professor, Spanish
Barron Lopez, Alicia 303-871-6799 Teaching Associate Professor, Spanish
Chevillot, Frdrique   Professor
Fierros Torres, Gustavo   Teaching Associate Professor, Spanish
Guerra, Kathleen S. 303-871-2106 Teaching Assistant Professor, Spanish
Keff, Lydia G. 303-871-7844 Teaching Professor, Spanish
Krogel, Alison M. 303-871-6657 Associate Professor, Spanish, Andean & Quechua Literary and Cultural Studies; Affiliated Faculty, Latin America Center, JKSIS
Leahy, Chad 303-871-2731 Assistant Professor of Spanish, Early Modern and Medieval Spanish Cultural Studies
Lopez, Zulema 303-871-2054 Teaching Professor
Macias, Sergio 303-871-2152 Teaching Associate Professor
Mercado, Salvador 303-871-2184 Chair, Spanish Language, Literary and Cultural Studies
Mercado, Salvador 303-871-2184 Associate Professor, Spanish
Peters, Li L. 303-871-6663 Professor
Reznicek-Parrado, Lina M.   Teaching Assistant Professor, Spanish; Director, Spanish Program for Heritage/Bilingual Speakers
Rodriguez-Nacif, Murat 303-871-4217 Teaching Assistant Professor, Spanish
Storch, Greg L.   Assistant to the Chair
Torre, Javier 303-871-2078 Professor
Vega Norell, Claudia C.   Program Coordinator
Walter, Susan   Associate Professor, Spanish
Wang, Jing 303-871-6662 Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor

Special Programs, Office of the Provost

Newman Bungalow
2335 S York St
Denver CO 80210

Spirituals Project

Sturm Hall
2000 East Asbury Avenue Room 403
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Gash-Maxey, Lee 303-871-4263 Program Assistant

Staff Advisory Council


Statistics and Operations Technology, Department of

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd.
Denver CO 80210

Strategic Issues Program

Margery Reed Hall
2306 E. Evans Ave. Suite 200
Denver CO 80210

Student Activities

Driscoll Center North
2055 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Student Conduct, Office of

Driscoll Center North
2055 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Student Engagement, Office of

Driscoll Center North
2055 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Adams, Todd C. 303-871-3080 Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
Baskins, Kelley 303-871-2990 Interim Risk and Insurance Analyst Business Officer, SAIE
Bitner, Kelly A. 303-871-7897 Assistant Director of New Student Programs
Bond, Sharon M. 303-871-3708 Director, Parents Program
James, Forrest K. 303-871-7903 Officer I, Business
Kikhia, Neda 303-871-2037 Manager, Inclusion & Equity Program
Lotif, Mo A. 303-871-2798 Manager, Program
Moreno, Audrey D. 303-871-3860 Assistant Director, Student Engagement
Schreckinger, Brian M. 303-871-7978 Director, Community Commons
Toce, Julianne 303-871-4214 Assistant Director, Student Engagement
Toce, Julianne 303-871-4214
Vine, Damon M. 303-871-2074 Director, Veteran Services
Walker, Thomas E. 303-871-4614 Director, Inclusion & Equity Education

Student Outreach and Support

Driscoll Center North
2055 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Engelhart, Ayla M. 303-871-3652 Associate Director, Student Outreach
Johnson, Michael L. 303-871-3594 Director, Student Outreach & Support
Schlabach, Kelly A. 303-871-4871 Case Manager, Student Outreach

Student Services, Rifkin Center for, Daniels College of Business

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Grauberger, Greg L. 303-871-3416 Executive Director, Undergraduate Student Services
Harries, Susan M. 303-871-3416 Admissions Operations Manager
Sisneros, Devon N. 303-871-3691 Manager, Grad Student Services

Study of Religion (DU/Iliff Joint PhD Program)

Iliff School of Theology
2201 S University Blvd
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Eaker, Rhonda L. 303-765-3136 Manager, DU/Iliff Joint PhD Program

Subway Restaurant

Driscoll Center North
2055 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Sustainability Center

Centennial Towers
1770 S. Williams St.
Denver CO 80210