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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

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Greek & Latin

Student Resources


The Latin Library: A comprehensive digital collection of Latin texts, organized under subcategories like medieval, Christian, miscellany, etc.

The Classics Page: A facet of the Latin Library that gives wider access to legal texts. Note that these texts have been electronically scanned from older editions and contain occasional textual defects.

Perseus Digital Library: Access primary and secondary texts, visual arts and an online encyclopedia. Look for the tab at the top called "Collections/Texts," the internal search "Perseus Catalog," and a menu of web links at the bottom right corner of the home page.


At this time, the University of Denver does not offer a major in Classics, Latin or Greek. The institutions listed below offer advanced study in these fields.

University of Colorado at Boulder: The Department of Classics offers everything from a minor to a PhD.

Colorado College: Earn a major in Classics from an elite private college in Colorado Springs.