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Transfer & AP/IB Credit

University of Denver grants credit for select Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) examination scores as well as previous credit earned through enrollment in college-level courses. Incoming students should submit their AP and IB scores and college transcripts prior to registration so that the we can award credit and help place students in the correct courses.

If you were unable to submit your exam scores or transcripts prior to your registration time, information in this website will help you understand how credit will be awarded once we receive your documents. The AP and IB links will provide you with information on credit placement according to your examination score. Additionally, the transfer credit link will provide you with course equivalencies for a large number of college courses including many dual or concurrent enrollment programs. Do not register for courses in which you anticipate receiving credit through AP, IB, or transfer as we cannot give you credit twice for the same course.

Transfer credit can only be granted for courses in which you receive a grade of C- or higher and when the course appears on an official college transcript. We cannot give credit for dual enrollment courses based on a student's high school transcript.

If you have taken courses which are not listed on our website and we have not received your transcript prior to registration, email us at [email protected]. We will advise you on how these courses will be transferred to DU.


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