The Summit 2022

Building our Foundation on Justice

April 12th - 14th, 2022

As we gather as a university community for the University of Denver’s 21st annual summit focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion, the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will share his vision for DEI across DU as we collectively build our foundation on justice. While remaining present and focused on the now, we will take time to celebrate victories of the past alongside learning from missteps that each play roles in our current circumstances. By engaging a justice lens on our history along with our current systems, structures, and power dynamics we will best position ourselves as the DU community to make a better world moving forward.

The offerings at this edition of the summit are focused on who and what we are at DU. There will be energy devoted to both our opportunities and challenges in DEI. Where is DU currently situated in higher education DEI and how might we best craft a successful trajectory as we aim continue improving and growing as destination of choice for the most talented individuals across wide varieties of intersecting identities? As we thoughtfully grow as a community of learning and knowledge creation with justice at the core of all we do to weave equity through the fabric of all we do, we also will continue aiming for intentional inclusivity in creating a space where individuals feel they are able to thrive as their full and authentic selves. This summit is a chance for introspection, reflection, and ultimately discernment as we move forward together. Please join us for these grounding conversations and engagements as we work to collectively envision the bright and just future of DU.


The Summit Event Schedule and Registration

Whether the session by in-person or virtual, we ask that you register for each event. Over the course of three days, there are a variety of panel and presentation offerings. 

To view the complete schedule, please visit the summit schedule page.

Calendar of Events

The Summit

Evolving our Language

The Summit. This year, as we step into our third decade of hosting our annual conference on diversity, equity, and inclusion, we are also shifting our language. For 20 years, this event was known as the Diversity Summit. Purposeful and imperative at its inception, Diversity was the conversation, the task, and the prevailing objective. And though we are still working toward diversity, over years we have partnered that labor with its counterparts - equity, inclusion, and justice. These combined values provide us with a path toward a different way of being, knowing, and doing.


They remind us of context; of our socio-cultural, linguistic, and geographic histories and herstories.


They give us a collective set of goals, centering the ways our work should direct us into the future.


They require of us a trajectory; an continual re-framing, re-thinking, and re-committing.


Whether at the peaks or in the valleys, they provide us momentum toward The Summit.