A Great Brand Doesn't Change. It Evolves.

As the world of higher education continues to grow and reshape itself, so must our storied institution. The evolution of our brand allows us to look toward the horizon at new possibilities while never forgetting the impacts we’ve already made. 

This site will provide you with all the knowledge and tools you need to utilize our brand to properly and effectively capture the hearts and imaginations of those who wish to live a life of purpose, transforming ourselves and those around us. This is the University of Denver.

Our Brand Is...


We’re dedicated to engaging the communities we serve with perseverance, grit and focus. Here, we aren’t afraid to ask tough questions or face hard truths. We believe in our potential—and the power of a diverse and inclusive community united for causes greater than ourselves.



Using our foundation of excellence and accomplishment, we strive to model ethical and intelligent leadership, understanding that this is just the beginning of what we can achieve and the change we can create when we work together.  


We pursue bold ideas that unlock our potential as purveyors of the public good. We teach every student to greet the future with confidence and curiosity—envisioning a better future, pushing boundaries and developing the unexpected solutions that lead to real change.  

Why the Brand Matters

The work we do at the University of Denver is inspired, intentional, meaningful and deserving of a brand crafted with the same level of dedication. Our brand conveys DU’s impact through an engaging and honest narrative told with a unified voice. It showcases the authenticity of our people and programs and tells the stories of our community in a way that is unmistakably ours.  

We use our story to speak to the dreams of prospective students, nurture relationships with our current students and alumni, and inspire thought leaders and global partners–all with the goal of strengthening our community of doers. 

Our emails, letters, social media posts, flyers, brochures and more all contribute to the story of DU, so let this site inspire your communications with the outside world. As an ambassador for the University of Denver, remember that you make a difference.

Using This Site

Editorial Standards

Learn more about the DU brand, including key messages, audience info and how to best portray and advance our unique voice and personality.


Visual Standards

Learn how to correctly use and maximize the impact of visual branding elements like photography, videography, colors, logos and more.

Visual Style Guide

Brand Tools

Request a project from MarComm, access visual resources like logo kits and font files, order business cards and stationery, create a custom email signature and more.


DU's Approach

Envisioning a Better World

At the University of Denver (DU), we know that envisioning a better world is the first step to achieving it. That’s why we treasure not only intelligence but vision—true insight rooted in our noblest values and powered by our deep dedication. Through the 4D Experience, we empower students with the ability to greet the future with confidence and curiosity, experimenting, innovating and building unexpected solutions.

As global citizens, we embrace a particular form of ambition, knowing that our personal success and the wellbeing of our communities are always knit together. Confident in our accomplishments and secure in our home in the great city of Denver and the Rocky Mountains, we know it is only the beginning of what we can achieve when we collaborate to create real solutions for the world’s great challenges. We strive to lead by example, turning our values into action, letting our determination drive us further and inspiring the world to join us in advancing the common good.  

And along the way, we greet every challenge as an opportunity to grow. Asking tough questions, facing hard truths and taking risks: they are all part of the DU experience for those who learn and work here. We believe in the great potential of the University of Denver—and in the power of a diverse and inclusive community to bring us together for a greater cause.  

Here, we know that the greatest leaders help others shine, that true confidence knows when to listen, and that our humility and strength work hand in hand to build a brighter and more equitable world for all. 

Embracing Challenges

The University of Denver inspires courageous excellence that frees each of us to advance the common good through our insight and passion. At the University of Denver, we embrace challenges with the determination and courage that unlocks new possibilities. We champion risk-taking as we fearlessly ask the questions that push boundaries for the better.  

Here, we welcome diverse and new perspectives, knowing they enrich the world around us.  

Our culture of curiosity inspires our students, faculty and alumni to serve communities both at home and abroad. We strengthen our minds, build confidence and stretch our sense of what’s possible through collaborative innovation. Not just for ourselves, but to advance the public good and make the world better.