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About the Office of the University Architect

The Office of the University Architect is charged by the Board of Trustees to oversee the architectural integrity of the University of Denver's University Park Campus along with facilities operated by the University such as The Phipps Memorial Conference Center.
Charged with approaching the design for the campus in a comprehensive and cohesive manner, our office is responsible for design that is both remarkable in terms of the individual project as well as supportive of the noteworthy architectural heritage of the campus.  Our work spans from new construction, renovation and restoration of existing buildings, and to the campus landscape.  For most projects, the Office of the University Architect is directly responsible for contracting with Architectural & Engineering firms.  The design work has flourished through an always intense collaboration with local and national design firms.
A hallmark of the work has been a commitment to longevity and durability.  The work is well aligned with the principles of sustainability and notably the recent work includes one of the few United States Green Building Council's LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Gold certified buildings: The Ricketson law Building.  Currently under construction is the Nagel Residence Hall targeted for a Silver Certification as well as the design of the ISAID addition for Cherrington Hall which is expected to achieve a Platinum Certification.
Since 1994, the Office has been recognized by such organizations as the American Institute for Architects (National President’s Citation) and the Association of University Architects (Award of Merit) for the work that has been a part of the University’s rise in national and international prominence.
Our office was created to assure that the University of Denver was mindful of an overarching commitment to provide the finest learning environment for our students, faculty, and staff.  To that end, our office provides guidance on issues ranging from furniture selection to informed understanding of the latest in architectural support of pedalogical innovations.  Through the Phase I and Phase II Capital Project process sponsored by the Vice Chancellor of Business & Financial Affairs ( our office is usually engaged once initial approval for a potential project has been received.  
For initial contact, please call or email: Vicky Garfias-O’Brien, Assistant to the University Architect can be contacted at (303) 871-4746 or
Mark Rodgers, AIA & AUA, University Architect can be contacted at (303) 871-4779 or
Office of the University Architect
University of Denver
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