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How Banner Vendor ID's Work

The vendor ID is an alphabetic abbreviation of the vendor's name.  It is always entered in all capital letters.  It is generally six characters long, but may be shorter (for example: IBM).

The vendor ID generally consists of the first three letters of the vendor's first name and the first three letters of the vendor's second name.  For example:

Digital Equipment Corporation DIGEQU
Gateway 2000 GAT200
Holden Hills Printing HOLHIL
Paper Rolls Unlimited PAPROL
Swingle Tree Company SWITRE

Punctuation is ignored when creating vendor ID's, as are spaces, ampersands, and words like a, and, by, for, of, the, and to.  For example:

U-Haul Truck Rental UHATRU
Nick & Willie's Pizza NICWIL
Rent A Wreck RENWRE
Born to Win, Inc. BORWIN
The Sports Fan SPOFAN

If there are not enough letters in the first or second names of the vendor, the ID is shortened.  Vendors with single short names (8 characters or less) use their entire name as the vendor ID.

D&M Auto Sound DMAUT
A.B. Dick, Incorporated ABDIC
PC City, Inc PCCIT

 If vendors (or organizations) commonly use initials instead of their full names, these initials are used as their ID's.

U.S. Postal Service USPS
Am. Inst. of Certified Public Accountants AICPA
International Business Machines IBM
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing 3M
Colorado Ass'n. of Research Libraries CARL

If vendors (or organizations) start with United States or Rocky Mountain, the ID starts with US or RM, and continues with the standard six-character methodology described above.

U.S. West Communications USWESCOM
U.S. Office Products USOFFPRO
U.S. Water News USWATNEW
Rocky Mountain Audio Visual RMAUDVIS
Rocky Mountain Church Organs RMCHUORG