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Who We Are:

We are a non-profit educational corporation, founded in 1873. Our legal name is Colorado Seminary, which should always be used in conjunction with University of Denver on legal documents. In response to credit application requests, we generally provide the information available below. You will need Adobe Reader to view these pdf documents.

References & Contacts         IRS Tax Exempt Letter         Colorado Seminary W-9

Colorado State Sales Tax Exemption       City of Denver Sales Tax Exemption  

Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Multi-Jurisdiction       Lodger Tax Exemption

Standard Colorado Affidavit of Exempt Sale

How We Purchase:

The University is a decentralized purchasing organization. As such, we do not maintain vendor "bid lists." Most orders and vendor selections are initiated at the departmental level. There is no central method for selling or marketing to multiple departments. A departmental directory is available on the web at

We strive to create a level playing field, and comparison shop whenever possible. We require informal price quotes for all purchases over $5,000, and formal bidding is conducted for all purchases above $25,000.

Our primary method of purchasing is the University purchase order. Vendors should not accept orders above $900 without a University PO number. The valid PO number format is P00xxxxx.

Our secondary method of purchasing is the University's Corporate Purchasing Credit Card. It is valid for legitimate University business purchases of less than $3,000.