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Entering Dates

Dates are displayed in the standard format: 


Ex:  06-JUL-2005

Dates can be entered using this format.  Leading zero, dashes, 3-character month in caps, and 4-digit year must all be used.  Since this is rather cumbersome, there are some shortcuts that save time and keystrokes.

Assume today is July 6, 2005.

1.  If you wish to enter today's date, you may enter '06' into the date field, perform a next field function (TAB), and the system will assume that you mean the sixth day of the current month in the current year.  06-JUL-2005 will be displayed.  You can enter any date in the current month the same way.  For example, entering 15, TAB, will return 15-JUL-2005.

2.  If  you wish to enter a day of a different month of this year, you may enter the numbers of the month and day in the format of MMDD.  For example, if you enter 0801, the system will return 01-AUG-2005.  You can enter any date in any month of the current year the same way.  For example, entering 0915, TAB, will return 15-SEP-2005.

3.  To enter a date in a different year, you can use the display format (see above).  Or, you can use the format of MMDDYY, such as 063005, or the format of MMDDYYYY, such as 06302005, and the system will return 30-JUN-2005.

4.  You may double click on the date field and a calendar will appear. If you then find the day, month and year that you wish to record, you can click on that date on the calendar, and the system will be return that date to the date field.

5.  You may enter the term SYSDATE, and the system will return the current date to the date field.