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How To "Direct Pay" An Expense

  1. In the Direct Access Box (or field), type FAAINVE, then press "Enter". You will be taken to a simple screen that has only four fields.
  2. It is possible to pay multiple invoices from one vendor with a single "Direct Pay" transaction.  You should not attempt this until your are proficient with single invoice "Direct Pay" transactions.  For instructions on posting multiple invoices to a single document, click here.
  3. TAB (<NEXT FIELD>) three times to the Vendor field. If you know the vendor’s ID, enter it here. (To learn more about vendor ID methodology, click here). Press TAB to see and check the vendor's name. If correct, do a <NEXT BLOCK> movement (<CONTROL PAGE-DOWN>). To learn about navigation in Banner, click here.
  4. If you don’t know the vendor ID, search for the vendor in the database. For help with a database search, click here. If you find the right vendor, double click on the vendor name. The remaining information will be supplied by the database. (If you get a warning message about ID numbers, ignore it and press "OK"). Do a <NEXT BLOCK> movement (<CONTROL PAGE-DOWN>).
  5. If you do not find the correct vendor, you cannot continue. You must ask us to establish your vendor by completing the Establish/Update A Vendor on-line form. New vendors will be set up within one business day, and we will email you when your vendor exists.
  6. Once your vendor is established in Banner, repeat steps 1 and 3.
  7. Check the vendor address to be sure it matches the address on your invoice. If not, click on the Seq # field flashlight. Use the scrollbar on the right side of the screen to review the addresses on file. Double click on the correct address to select it.
  8. If the correct address does not exist, exit the form and request a vendor update using the Establish/Update A Vendor form. Once we have added your address to the vendor record in Banner, repeat steps 1 and 3.
  9. <TAB> to and enter the payment due date. Note that your check will not be available before the date you specify!
  10. Enter "4" as the bank number. <TAB> to and enter the vendor invoice number, if one exists. A vendor invoice number of an enclosure is required for all payment to corporations. This number prints on the check, and allows the corporation to correctly record our payments. Do a <NEXT BLOCK> movement (<CONTROL PAGE-DOWN>).
  11. <TAB> once to the Description field. Enter the description of the good or service received. <TAB> twice to the Amount field. Enter the amount for this item. If you have a second item, arrow down to access a blank Description field. Continue until all items are entered. You should have an entry for each item on the invoice. Do a <NEXT BLOCK> movement (<CONTROL PAGE-DOWN>).
  12. <TAB> to and enter your ORG number. The fund and program fields should default. Enter the appropriate account for this purchase. For a list of commonly-used accounts, click here. For instructions on how to charge to multiple FOAPS, click here.
  13. If you have an enclosure to accompany this check, <TAB> to the Location field and enter an "E." If you want to pick up the check, enter your pick-up code in the Location field. For a listing of codes, click the flashlight beside this field. If you leave the Location field blank, your check WILL BE MAILED. Do a <NEXT BLOCK> movement (<CONTROL PAGE-DOWN>).
  14. Check to see that the amounts are "Balanced." If so, click the "Complete" button. Do not leave your transaction "In Process!!"
  15. Be sure to note the Banner document number (the "I" number). Complete a Direct Pay Cover Sheet, attach the invoice to it, and forward it to Purchasing Services.