All Forms

Cell Phone Allowance Request(pdf)

Central Stores Order

Business Card Order

Letterhead and Envelopes Order

Purchasing Card Application(.doc)

Lost/Stolen Purchasing Card Notification(.doc)

Travel Expense Form(xls)




Establish/Update A Payee

To become established as University payees, the vendor types listed below must complete and submit an on line application, and must fax a signed IRS form W-9 to Purchasing Services at 303.871.2250. (Allow one business day for vendor set-ups).

Application for Corporations, Associations, Non-Profits, and Other Registered Businesses

Application for Independent Consultants


These vendors may also update their information on line with the forms below.

Registered Business Update Form

Independent Consultant Update Form


All Vendors are encouraged to receive payments via ACH.  Please complete the Direct Deposit From below to allow for ACH deposits.

Direct Deposit Form


Departments may assist vendors in completing these forms. Departments can also:

1. Establish Students, Faculty, and Staff as Payees
These individuals update their own addresses through myWeb. To avoid mis-sent mail, we encourage Direct Deposit for all student and employee payments.

2. Establish Outside Individuals Receiving Honorariums or Expense Reimbursements As Payees (ex: a guest speaker or a perspective employee with travel expenses) IRS form W-9 required - fax to 303.871.2250.

3. Update The Mailing Addresses for Outside Individuals Receiving Honorariums or Expense Reimbursements