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Review Vendor Payment History

1.  In the Direct Access Box (or field), type FAIVNDH, then press "Enter".  You will be taken to the vendor history screen.

2. Your cursor should reside in the first Vendor field.  Enter the vendor ID here.  (To learn more about vendor ID methodology, click here).  If you don’t know the vendor ID, search for the vendor in the database.  For help with a database search, click here.  If you find the right vendor, double click on the vendor name.  (If you get a warning message about ID numbers, ignore it and press "OK"). 

3.  Press TAB to see and check the vendor's name.  If correct, do a <NEXT BLOCK> movement (<CONTROL PAGE-DOWN>).  You will see a wealth of information about the vendor's payment activity.  You can also use the "Options" menu on the left of the screen to access more detailed information.