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Cell Phone Allowance Request(pdf)

Central Stores Order

Business Card Order

Letterhead and Envelopes Order

Purchasing Card Application(.doc)

Lost/Stolen Purchasing Card Notification(.doc)

Travel Expense Form(xls)




Getting Started:

The first step when doing business with the University is to complete and submit a Vendor Application and a W-9.

Since the University accepts federal contracts and grants, we are bound by federal purchasing guidelines. To this end we have established a University Purchasing Policy Manual. Vendors should be aware of our terms and conditions, which normally prevail for all University purchases

General Terms and Conditions     Government Sub-Contract Terms and Conditions

Getting Paid:

Since we are a decentralized purchasing organization, payments above $900 are initiated in, and approved by, departmental staff. Invoices may be sent either to Payment Services or to the individual placing the order. Invoices must reference the University PO number. If a payment is late, the first point of inquiry should be the individual placing the order.