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What’s An Honorarium? Webster’s says it’s “a reward for services on which custom…forbids an amount to be set.”   In our world, it is a payment to a speaker or guest lecturer for which we set the amount.

To Request An Honorarium:

  • Submit a request on letterhead, approved by your Dean or Department head
  • Establish the recipient as a vendor in Banner. An IRS W-9 form is required, as honorarium income is reportable on IRS form 1099.
  • Complete a Direct Pay, and attach the request and W-9
  • Checks can be picked up and hand-delivered at the event

Honoraria are not used to pay for performances or services provided by outside consultants or employees.  Pay employees through Payroll and have consultants submit original invoices. 

Many consulting relationships are initiated with contracts.  Follow the University's limits of authority policy when signing contracts (DU Policy 2.10.030), Limits of Authority.

Gifts and Awards

Gifts and Awards are generally given to students (and, in rare cases, staff members) as recognition of academic achievements.

Students: A check in recognition of some academic achievement should be processed with a direct pay. The student may or may not have had a position paid through Payroll. The award is not taxable.

Employees: All cash payments and recognition should be made through the University's annual merit and bonus processes. In the rare event that an award is given and approved outside of this process, the payment must be made through Payroll. These awards will be taxable.

Professional Development Grants: Funds given to staff as reimbursements for travel and conference expenses are legitimate University business expenses, and are not taxable. All supplies and equipment purchased with professional development or internal grant funding are the property of the University.

Outside Recipients: The payment may be made through Accounts Payable with appropriate documentation (including a W-9). The award will reportable on a 1099. This includes honorariums.