All Forms

Cell Phone Allowance Request(pdf)

Central Stores Order

Business Card Order

Letterhead and Envelopes Order

Purchasing Card Application(.doc)

Lost/Stolen Purchasing Card Notification(.doc)

Travel Expense Form(xls)




Shared Services / Purchasing

requisition/purchase order assistance, P-Card assistance, the bid process, and contract review
Accounts Payable
invoice/payment processing assistance, Direct Pays (reimbursements), copiers and new vendor set-up
Central Receiving
product delivery assistance and copier paper delivery
Mission Statement

We serve departments quickly and efficiently, while:

  • Acting in the best interests of the University
  • Adhering to policies established by the Board of Trustees
  • Insuring compliance with applicable regulations

We expect our users to follow the policies and procedures outlined in the Purchasing Policy Manual.

We rely on users' expertise when selecting products, services, and suppliers, and on technology to continually improve our ability to serve the community.