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Paying Multiple Invoices on a Single Direct Pay Document

1.  Start your transaction by clicking on the "Multiple" Check Box.  Proceed as you normally would.

2. "Multiple" will appear in the Vendor Invoice field.  After you enter the bank number (always "4"), and do a <NEXT BLOCK> movement, you will be taken to the Vendor Invoice Consolidation form.  (This replaces the Item Description form you would normally see).  

3. Enter the first invoice number and do a  <NEXT BLOCK> movement.  <TAB> once to the Description field.  Enter the description of the good or service received.  <TAB> once to the Amount field.  Enter the amount for this item.  If you have a second item, arrow down to access a blank Description field.  Continue until all items are entered.  You should have an entry for each item on the invoice.  Do a <PREVIOUS BLOCK> movement (<CONTROL PAGE-UP>).

4. Perform a <NEXT RECORD> function <DOWN ARROW>.  This clears the form, and allows you to enter the information for the second invoice.  Continue clearing the form and entering invoice information until all your invoice have been entered.  Do a <NEXT BLOCK> movement (<CONTROL PAGE-DOWN>).

5.  Complete the transaction as you normally would.