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Purchasing Card Questionnaire

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INSTRUCTIONS: Please answer the following questions. Refer to the Purchasing Card User Guide when necessary. Upon completion, press the button at the bottom of the page, and your answers will be evaluated immediately.

  1. Which of the following must be included as the minimum information for an acceptable receipt? (Check all that apply.)
    1. Vendor name
    2. Itemized description of goods purchased
    3. Transaction dollar amount
    4. Transaction date
  2. If you purchase items over the telephone or the Internet, do you still need to obtain an acceptable receipt?
  3. If all minimum information requirements are met, which of the following types of documents qualify as an acceptable receipt? (Check all that apply.)
    1. Order confirmation
    2. Packing slip
    3. Cash register receipt
    4. Vendor's invoice
    5. Printout of e-mail or Web page transaction confirmation
    6. Subscription renewal notice
  4. If a receipt cannot be obtained which meets the minimum requirements, what step is required by University procedures?
    Report the incident to the departmental coordinator and approver only
    Write an explanation and file with the statement
    Prepare and sign a Missing Receipt Form (available on the web) and submit to departmental coordinator
  5. Should supporting documentation be filed with the Missing Receipt Form (e.g., packing slips, order forms, non-itemized receipts)?
  6. Should vendors charge State sales tax on merchandise purchases made in Colorado with the procurement card?
  7. To avoid paying State sales tax on merchandise purchases, what must be provided to the vendor?
    Department account number
    Department name and address
    DU's tax-exempt number, as listed on the Purchasing Card
  8. Which of the following transactions are allowable using your University Purchasing Card? (Check all that apply.)
    1. Purchases from other University departments
    2. Purchases of items for personal use
    3. Cash advances
    4. Cash refunds for returned card purchases
    5. An item or service that costs over $3,000
    6. Purchases prohibited by University purchasing policy
    7. None of the above.
  9. Are you required to review your Purchasing Card transactions monthly?
  10. If you accept your monthly charges, you are confirming that: (Check all that apply.)
    1. Charges on the statement are correct, unless otherwise noted
    2. Acceptable receipts or signed Replacement Receipt Forms exist for all transactions
    3. All of the transactions were proper business purchases
  11. How long must statements and receipts be held on file in Purchasing Services?
    Two weeks
    Seven years
    Twenty-five years
  12. Will your Purchasing Card activity be audited periodically by the University?
  13. As a cardholder, which of the following circumstances could result in disciplinary action against you? (Check all that apply.)
    1. Using the card for personal purchases
    2. Failing to report a lost or stolen card
    3. Violations of Purchasing Card policies