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Requisitioning Authority


To outline responsibilities and procedures regarding signature authority for requisitions and field purchase orders.


Requisitions and Field Purchase Orders

Verification of signature authority is required for requisitions, field purchase orders, and other purchasing forms used to request goods and services.

1.Verification of signature authority for electronic requisitions is accomplished through the University's value-based security system (See paragraph 3).

2.Verbal verification of signature authority may be accepted for requisitions and field purchase orders under $900. Such instances, however, will be considered an exception to normal purchasing procedures.

3. The University's Controller's office is responsible for maintaining an accurate database of current accounts and the individuals authorized to sign for each account. This information is maintained on-line through the Banner value-based security screens and files.


The Office of Research Sponsored Programs (ORSP) shall maintain a database of current grant FOAP numbers and the individuals authorized to sign for each account. ORSP shall verify proper signature authority as part of the normal approval process for requisitions specifying the use of one or more ledger 5 accounts.


Small Purchases - Field Purchase Orders (University Purchasing Policy, 2.B)
Large Purchases - Requisitions (University Purchasing Policy, 2.C)
Sponsored Research Purchases (University Purchasing Policy, 4.G)

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