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Types of Purchases


To outline responsibilities and procedures for acquiring equipment, supplies, and services.


A. Reimbursements

Field Purchase Orders should be used for small purchases. When these methods are not practical, then personal expenditures directly benefiting the University can be reimbursed through a Direct Pay Invoice.

B. Field Purchase Orders Not to Exceed $900

All purchases up to but not exceeding $900 shall be made in accordance with generally established goods purchasing practices. The Requisitioner may choose to either submit a requisition to Purchasing for processing or use a Field Purchase Order to place the order directly with the supplier.

C. Requisitions Required Over $900

Requisitions should be submitted to Purchasing Services for purchases over $900. Purchasing Services is responsible for awarding purchases in accordance with generally established good purchasing practices, to include obtaining competitive quotes and screening requisitions for signature authority, available budget, and applicable approvals on restricted purchases.

D. Office Supplies

The University contracts for office supplies through an office supply dealer. All orders are required to be placed using your P-Card via Corporate Express E-Way.

E. Central Stores Requisitions

Central Stores and Receiving maintains a limited number of operating supplies for the general needs of the University. Departments submit stores requisitions using the on-line Central Stores inventory system.

F. Standing (Open) Orders

Standing orders are used as an administrative convenience for the handling of routine, repetitively purchased supplies and/or services. Standing orders are valid for a specified period of time and for a specified quantity or total dollar amount. Departments issue order releases against the standing order directly with the supplier.

G. Change Orders

Requests for changes to existing purchase orders should be made through the Change Order webpage. Purchasing Services shall make the appropriate modification to the purchase order and notify the supplier of the changes.

H. University Stationery (Letterhead, Envelopes, Etc.)

The University contracts for stationery through a local printer. Departments submit orders for letterhead, envelopes, and business cards online at Goods & Services). For more information regarding University stationery contact University Communications, x13170.


A. Campus Retail and Recharge Operations

Purchasing transactions between campus departments are processed pursuant to the procedures established by the operating units responsible for governing these transactions and should not be processed using a requisition or Field Purchase Order.

B. Direct Pay Invoices

Payment for goods or services specifically exempt from Purchasing Services' authority may be processed using a Direct Pay Invoice.


Purchasing Authority (University Purchasing Policy, 1.A)
Small Purchases - Field Purchase Orders (University Purchasing Policy, 2.B)
Large Purchases - Requisitions (University Purchasing Policy, 2.C)
Central Stores (University Purchasing Policy, 2.E)
Standing (Open) Purchase Orders (University Purchasing Policy, 2.F)
Change Orders (University Purchasing Policy, 2.G)
Limits of Authority (University Purchasing Policy, 8.A)
Reimbursement of Business Expenses (University Purchasing Policy, 8.C)
Ordering Procedures for Office Supplies (University Purchasing Policy, 9.A)
Central Stores Online Ordering (University Purchasing Policy, 9.C)
Online Change Order form


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