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Small Purchases - Field Purchase Orders


To outline responsibilities and procedures regarding the purchase of goods or services when the purchase is expected to be $900, or less.


A. The Director of Purchasing Services may delegate to the head of any department the authority to make small purchases when the purchase is expected to total $900 or less. Such delegation shall be in writing and may be limited, suspended, or revoked at the discretion of the Purchasing Services Director.

B. Purchasing Services shall provide Field Purchase Order (FPO) forms for requisitioning departments to use when making small purchases, pursuant with the responsibilities and procedures outlined in this manual.

C. Department heads may delegate, in writing, those individuals within their departments authorized to be issued FPOs.

D. FPOs are submitted to Purchasing Services electronically (see How to Order, University Purchasing Policy 9.B).

E. It is the responsibility of the individual and the department head to whom the field purchase orders are issued to ensure they are properly used and that they are used only for legitimate University transactions. The ordering individual is also responsible for electronically entering the FPO within two (2) business days and for maintaining and distributing copies of receipts, sales tickets, invoices, etc., necessary for processing payment.

F. Field Purchase Orders may not be used for the following purposes:

1. Purchases Over $900 (excluding freight)
2. To avoid the use of University purchasing contracts.
3. Copying and Printing
4. Purchases from a University faculty or staff member.
5. Purchases of telephones or telephone services.
6. Purchases from a campus department (i.e., Bookstore).
7. Travel, Meals, etc.
8. Office Supplies
9. Standing Orders
10. Alcohol
11. To buy multiple units of identical items, each of which costs $900 or less, but aggregating to more than $900 in total costs.

G. Single items with a total purchase price over $900 may not be divided among two or more FPOs to avoid normal requisitioning procedures.

H. All voided FPOs should be returned to Purchasing Services.


Campus Retail and Recharge Operations

Purchasing transactions between campus departments, such as the Bookstore, are processed pursuant to the procedures established by the operating units responsible for governing these transactions and should not be processed using a field purchase order.

Direct Pay Invoices

Payment for goods or services specifically exempt from Purchasing Services' authority may be processed using a Direct Pay Invoice.


Purchasing Authority (University Purchasing Policy, 1.A)
University Purchasing Contracts (University Purchasing Policy, 4.C)
How to Order (University Purchasing Policy, 9.B)

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