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Large Purchases - Requisitions


To outline responsibilities and procedures regarding the purchase of goods or services.


A. Requisitions must be submitted electronically to Purchasing for purchases expected to total $900 or more.  Each requisition includes as a minimum the following information:

1. An accurate description and specification for every item listed, including    catalog numbers, size, color, etc., but not so restrictive as to unduly limit competitive bidding.

2.  Authorized Fund, Org, and Account numbers.

3.  Delivery instructions, stating specifically:             
            a.  date delivery is required
            b.  delivery location (building and room).

4.  Estimated cost for each item.

5.  Recommended supplier(s), if known

6.  If pricing was obtained, the quotation(s) should be noted on the requisition.  Copies of all quotes and other relevant information should be submitted with the requisition or referenced on electronic requisitions and sent via fax or campus mail.

7.  Signature authority requirements are met through the University's value-based security system (see Requisitioning Authority, Purchasing Manual, 1.B).


Campus Retail and Recharge Operations

Purchasing transactions between campus departments, such as the Bookstore, are processed pursuant to the procedures established by the operating units responsible for governing these transactions and should not be processed using a field purchase order.

Direct Pay Invoices

Payment for goods or services specifically exempt from Purchasing Services' authority may be processed using a Direct Pay Invoice.


Limits of Authority (University Policy Manual)
Purchasing Authority (University Purchasing Policy, 1.A)
Requisitioning Authority (Purchasing Manual, 1.B)
Small Purchases - Field Purchase Orders (Purchasing Manual, 2.B)
Standing (Open) Purchase Orders (Purchasing Manual, 3.A)
Change Orders (Purchasing Manual, 2.G)
Competitive Bidding Guidelines
(Purchasing Manual, 3.A)
Terms and Conditions (Purchasing Manual, 6.A,B)

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