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Standing (Open) Purchase Orders


To outline responsibilities and procedures regarding the use of standing orders.


Standing orders are to be used when a department or the University intends to:

1. Purchase repetitive, specified services or items, or category of items from the same supplier over a specified time (month, year, etc.).

2. Order standard materials or MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operating) supplies which require numerous shipments.

3. Obtain more favorable pricing or service through volume commitments.

Departments may request a standing order by submitting a requisition to Purchasing Services. The requisition should include the following information:

1. The time to be covered.

2. A cancellation clause.

3. Items or categories of items included.

4. Maximum quantities or dollar amounts, if any.

5. Pricing and pricing arrangements.

6. Terms and billing arrangements.

7. Persons authorized to issue order releases.

C. Purchasing Services shall review standing orders annually, solicit bids and obtain updated pricing when appropriate.

D. Once a standing order has been established, the requisitioning department may issue order releases directly to the supplier. The requisitioning department shall be responsible for maintaining all paperwork required for future processing (i.e. sales tickets, delivery receipts, invoices, etc.). A legible signature is required on each ticket or invoice as proof of material received.


Campus Retail and Recharge Operations

Purchasing transactions between campus departments, such as the Bookstore, are processed pursuant to the procedures established by the operating units responsible for governing these transactions and should not be processed using a requisition or field purchase order.

Direct Pay Invoices

Payment for goods or services specifically exempt from Purchasing Services' authority may be processed using a Direct Pay Invoice.


Large Purchases - Requisitions (University Purchasing Policy, 2.C)
Competitive Bidding Guidelines (University Purchasing Policy, 3.A)
University Purchasing Contracts (University Purchasing Policy, 4.C)

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