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Exceptions to Bid Guidelines


To outline responsibilities and procedures for awarding purchases and contracts without benefit of competitive bidding.


A. There are a few circumstances and items, excluded, in all or part, from the aforementioned bid procedures. Please note that failure to anticipate needs or to allow sufficient time for bidding do not constitute valid exceptions to the competitive bidding requirements. Certain situations which may justify an exemption to the requirements are as follows:

1. Items purchased from current university, state, federal, or other cooperative contracts.

2. Emergency purchases when:

a. Human life, health or University property is in jeopardy.
b. Repairs of equipment involving hidden dangers.
c. Repairs are immediately needed for equipment where delay would lead to higher expense.

3. Items purchased for resale; such as the Bookstore, where a separate procedure is in effect.

4. Items procured solely from a government agency.

5. Library acquisitions (books, periodicals and films).

6. Items which are proprietary (software, etc.).

7. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) requirements for equipment under lease, rental, warranty or maintenance.

8. Professional Services

9. Agency specified vendor.

10. Design compatibility with existing equipment.

11. Only known source of supply.

12. Subcontract

B.Sole source purchases with an aggregate expenditure over $5,000 and using a sponsored account shall be subject to prior approval at the discretion of the sponsoring agency.

C.Written documentation of some form of price or cost analysis is required on all sole source purchases with an aggregate expenditure in excess of $2,000. Appropriate documentation may include copies of published price lists or advertised pricing in established magazines, journals, and newspapers.

D. The cognizant department manager or principal investigator should submit a written, clear, but concise statement that justifies waiving the competitive bidding process.

E.Final responsibility in determining whether an item is a proprietary item and may be purchased from a sole source rests with the Director of Purchasing Services.




Purchasing Authority (University Purchasing Policy, 1.A)
Emergency Purchases (University Purchasing Policy, 1.E)
Competitive Bidding Guidelines (University Purchasing Policy, 3.A)
Sole Source Purchasing (University Purchasing Policy, 3.C)
OMB Circular A-110 (University Purchasing Policy, 6.C)

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