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Restricted and Special Purchases


To outline responsibilities and procedures for the control of purchases, including the prohibitions, special approvals, limits, and restrictions governing the purchasing of specific categories of goods and services.


A. The Director of Purchasing Services shall maintain procedures to support those departments and employees responsible for managing the administrative policies and business decisions of the University regarding the purchasing of specific categories of goods and services, to include, but not limited to:

1. Purchase/Lease/Rental of copier equipment.
2. Purchases made from sponsored funds.
3. Purchase of copying and printing equipment and services.
4. Leases and lease-to-purchase agreements.
5. Telephone equipment and services.
6. Purchases of equipment valued at $5,000 and over.
7. Vehicles

B. Purchasing Services shall either provide notice of, or route for approval, requests for the purchase of restricted goods and services to the department or individual charged with the responsibility to supervise or control the restricted category of purchases.

C. Approvals are posted to the corresponding requisition or Field Purchase Order electronically.

D. Approvals may be obtained or confirmed after the order has been processed when the expected total price of the order is $900 or less.




Purchasing Authority (University Purchasing Policy, 1.A)
Leases and Lease-Purchase Agreements (University Purchasing Policy, 4.B)
University Purchasing Contracts (University Purchasing Policy, 4.C)
Equipment Screening (University Purchasing Policy, 4.D)
Justification of Need (University Purchasing Policy, 4.E)
Purchases for Employees (University Purchasing Policy, 4.F)
Sponsored Research Purchases (University Purchasing Policy, 4.G)
Hazardous Materials (University Purchasing Policy, 4.H)
Fleet Vehicles (University Purchasing Policy, 4.I)
Publications - Printing (Purchasing Manual, 4.J)
Copiers and Copying Services (University Purchasing Policy, 4.K)

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