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Purchases for Employees


To outline responsibilities and procedures regarding purchases intended for an employee's personal use.


A. Purchasing Services' mission is to serve the purchasing needs of the University. Purchasing Services will attempt to assist employees with personal purchases when time permits. In fulfilling this responsibility Purchasing Services may:

1. Inform employees of suppliers who offer employees a discount on products or services.

2.Discuss needs and recommend products and suggest a supplier or suppliers.

B.Any information regarding products or suppliers is provided by Purchasing Services as a convenience to employees contemplating a personal purchase. It is the sole responsibility of the employee to evaluate products, select a supplier, and negotiate purchase prices and any other options directly with the supplier.

C. Purchasing Services is not allowed to issue purchase orders for personal purchases. The use of University funds to purchase goods or services for anything other than legitimate University business is strictly prohibited, even when the employee reimburses the University for the purchase cost.

D.Suppliers are under no obligation to offer discounts to individuals, and they do so with the understanding that their offer places Purchasing Services and the University under no obligation to do business with them.


Exceptions to this procedure must be approved in writing by the Associate Vice-Chancellor for Financial Affairs.



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