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Publications - Printing


To outline responsibilities and procedures regarding purchasing of publication and printing services.


A. The Office of Publications is responsible for reviewing all printing requirements over $5,000 to ensure the University publication's graphic and quality standards are maintained.

B. Purchasing Services shall cooperate with and provide support to the Office of Publications, including:

1.Forwarding requests for printing with estimated costs of $5,000 or more to Publications for review of compliance with standards.

2.Assisting in the development of specifications for request for bids and contract proposals to meet the University's printing and copying requirements.

C. Publications, in cooperation and consultation with the requesting department shall prepare specifications, solicit bids, and recommend a supplier.

D. Publications will submit requisitions electronically to verify their review and approval of printing work to be completed, and forward supporting documents (bids, etc.) to Purchasing Services for purchase award and processing.


The Director of Publications, at his/her discretion, may designate, by written memorandum, other employees or departments with authority to conduct their publications operations independently of the Publication Office, but in keeping with the general guidelines and procedures set forth by the Director of Publications.


Purchasing Authority (University Purchasing Policy, 1.A)
Restricted and Special Purchases (University Purchasing Policy, 4.A)
Copiers and Copying Services (University Purchasing Policy, 4.K)

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