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Copiers and Copying Services


To outline the responsibilities and procedures regarding the purchase of high speed photocopying services and the acquisition of copying (photo-duplication) equipment.


A. Copying Services is responsible for ensuring the effective utilization of the University's photocopying resources. In carrying out these responsibilities, Copying Services may:

1. In cooperation with Purchasing Services, negotiate and enter into agreements with suppliers for the acquisition, including rental, of copier equipment and supplies.

2. Review requests for high speed photocopying jobs to determine if the job can be performed satisfactory and more cost-effectively in-house, thereby assuring the proper utilization of University resources and personnel. If Quick Copy is unable to perform the work, then Quick Copy will assist the requesting departments by coordinating the outside printing, which may include: preparing specifications, solicitation of bids, assigning copying jobs to outside sources, and receiving and inspecting outside work.

3. Assist departments in projecting volumes and determining required features and other specifications and selecting the best plan for acquisition (purchase, rental, or lease).

4. Provide coin-operated copiers in high density locations, subject to availability of space and sufficient volume to assure a self supporting operation.

B. Purchasing Services shall cooperate with, and provide support to Copy Services, including:

1. Forwarding requests for the acquisition of photocopying equipment and high-speed photo-duplicating (copying) services to Quick Copy for review, approval, and processing.

2. Assisting in the development of specifications, bid solicitation, and purchase and contract awards to meet the University's photocopying equipment and high-speed copying requirements.




Purchasing Authority (University Purchasing Policy, 1.A)
Restricted and Special Purchases (University Purchasing Policy, 4.A)
Publications - Printing (University Purchasing Policy, 4.J)

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