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Central Receiving


To outline responsibilities and procedures for the receipt and storage of materials and supplies, and processing of damage and other contractual claims arising from purchasing transactions.


A. The Receiving Department is responsible for the receipt and distribution of all goods delivered through Central Receiving.

B. After receiving and inspecting purchased materials, the Receiving Department will transport such items to the appropriate delivery point and obtain appropriate signatures on the corresponding receiving documents.

C. The Receiving Department will be responsible for updating the receiving information on the electronic purchasing system for all deliveries routed through Central Receiving. This on-line information is used by Purchasing Services for processing payments and determining the status of outstanding orders.

D. The Receiving Department will inspect shipments for obvious damage, irregularities, or other discrepancies. However, the requisitioning department is ultimately responsible for the acceptance of the merchandise, and should advise Purchasing Services, in writing, immediately upon discovery of any damages, irregularities, non-conformity with specifications, or other discrepancies (see Materials Return, University Purchasing Policy 5.C).

E. The Receiving Department has limited storage facilities available. Requisitioning departments should contact the department supervisor to arrange for unusually large shipments or shipments that may need to be stored for an extended period of time before being delivered to the department.


Procedures for receiving goods delivered or received directly by the requisitioning departments are outlined in section 5.B of this manual. For more information, please refer to the Departmental Receiving web page.


Direct Shipments (University Purchasing Policy, 5.B)
Materials Return (University Purchasing Policy, 5.C)

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