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Materials Return


To outline responsibilities and procedures for returning damaged or incorrect materials received.


A. It is the responsibility of Purchasing Services to arrange the filing of all claims for damaged materials, and to initiate requests for replacement shipments.

B. The return of any supplies or materials to the vendor, whether resulting from damage, mis-shipment, or other reasons, should be arranged through Purchasing Services to assure applicable credits or refunds are received.

C. Requisitioning departments should notify Purchasing Services immediately of any problems with the delivery. Provide the following information:

1. Vendor name and purchase order number.

2. Date received

3.A list of the items damaged or affected by differences, irregularities, or non-conformity with specifications, and a detailed description thereof.

4. Condition of the parcel(s) upon receipt.

5. Location of the parcel(s).

D. After arrangements have been made with Purchasing Services to return the items to the vendor, the items may be delivered to Central Receiving, or scheduled to be picked up as part of Central Receiving's normal delivery route.

The purchase order reference number must be prominently displayed on all items being processed for return.


Goods may be returned for immediate exchange directly to the supplier. The exchange should be for the same item(s) at the same price(s).


Central Receiving (University Purchasing Policy, 5.A)
Direct Shipments (University Purchasing Policy, 5.B)

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