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Vendor Relations


To outline responsibilities and procedures regarding establishing and maintaining effective business relationships with existing and potential suppliers.


A. It is the University's policy to maintain and practice the highest possible standards of business ethics, professional courtesy and competence inall dealings. In this regard, the following should be observed when dealing with suppliers and their representatives:

1. Accord prompt and courteous reception and fair and equal treatment to all suppliers and their representatives.

2. Provide equal opportunity for suppliers to make price and specification quotations.

3. Guarantee the confidentiality of all specifications and price quotations made by vendors.

4. Decline to take advantage of sellers' errors, and show consideration for sellers' difficulties by cooperating with them whenever possible.

5. Avoid subjecting sellers to needless expense or inconvenience when returning goods.

6. Explain as clearly and fully as possible to suppliers the reason(s) for the rejection of their bids/proposals.

7. Remain scrupulously free from obligations to any supplier.

8. Keep informed about sources of supply, methods, services and materials, and encourage suppliers to test and develop improved or expanded products and services.

9. Keep suppliers informed about current and anticipated requirements.

10. If, for any reason, one supplier is permitted to re-quote, all competitors should be given the same opportunity. Re-quoting should be kept to an absolute minimum.




Competitive Bidding Guidelines (University Purchasing Policy, 3.A)
Disadvantaged Suppliers (University Purchasing Policy, 7.B)
Code of Ethics (University Purchasing Policy, 7.C)

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