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Disadvantaged Suppliers


In support of the Affirmative Action policies of the University, and federal regulations, this policy outlines responsibilities and procedures for providing opportunities for small and disadvantaged suppliers to do business with the University.


A. The University's commitment to Affirmative Action extends to all aspects of its affairs, including the purchasing function. As a vital part of this commitment, emphasis is placed on locating and encouraging small and disadvantaged businesses to become suppliers to the University on a continuing basis. Such purchases will remain consistent with the University's needs and the supplier's capabilities.

B. Purchasing Services shall establish operating procedures to locate, identify, and encourage the use of small and disadvantaged businesses as sources of supply commensurate with the purchasing needs of the requisitioning individual and the University.

C. In fulfilling its responsibilities, Purchasing Services may:

1. Assist the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) in the collection and maintenance of adequate records of certification of business status for suppliers and potential suppliers as required by the regulations implementing Public Law 95-507.

2. Take part in conferences, training, opportunity fairs, etc., which promote small and disadvantaged business opportunities.

3. Assist requisitioning departments in locating small and disadvantaged businesses as sources of goods and services.

4. Provide small and minority-owned business the maximum feasible opportunity to compete for contracts and purchase awards by:

a. Soliciting bids and proposals for goods and services from small and disadvantaged suppliers whenever practicable.

b. Analyzing University purchasing practices and processes to ensure that current activities do not unduly restrict small and minority supplier participation in University contracts or purchase awards.




Competitive Bidding Guidelines (University Purchasing Policy, 3.A)
Vendor Relations (University Purchasing Policy, 7.A)

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