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Are costs incurred by individuals making University purchases. Most reimbursements can be avoided by using small-dollar-value or regular purchase orders or Purchasing Cards. Reimbursement requests are processed on "Direct Pays."

All reimbursement payments are mailed to the payee's home (US Postal Service) address. To eliminate mail delays, staff members can enroll in Direct Deposit of reimbursements by contacting Katy Stump at 1-4107.


  • Minor retail purchases, books, supplies
  • Conference, meeting, and seminar attendance or planning expenses
  • Travel expenses, food, transportation, lodging


  • Parking permit fees or traffic citations
  • Personal services or purchases, newspapers, magazines
  • Computers or other large electronic equipment purchases

For allowable business expenses, see the complete Business Operations Policies 2.30.010-2.30.015:

Propriety of Expense
Allowable Business Expenditures
Travel Expense
Official Function/Entertainment
Gifts and Gratuities
Alcohol Expenditure