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Business Services Staff Directory






Avakian, Tanya Administrative Assistant 303.871.4877 Tanya Avakian
Conley, Mark Mail Services Representative 303-871-3187 Mark Conley 
Dorra, Daniel Warehouseman 303-871-2329 Daniel Dorra
OPEN Office Assistant 303.871.4067  
Freeman, Mary Accounts Payables Manager 303.871.4069 Mary Freeman
Gatewood, Brian Mail Services Representative 303-871-3187 Brian Gatewood
Grant, Ces Payment Specialist/Project Coordinator 303.871.4801 Ces Grant
Henderson, Ed Assistant Director, University Business Services 303.871.4200 Ed Henderson
Hill, Kymbella Payment Specialist 303.871.4063 Kymbella Hill
Jones, Philip Mail Services Representative 303-871-3187 Philip Jones 
Lucero, Frank Shipping and Receiving Clerk 303.871.2329 Frank Lucero
McVeigh, Bob Director of Business Services 303.871.4106 Bob McVeigh
Mundy, Marissa Payment Specialist 303.871.6685 Marissa Mundy
Piper, Edward Mail Services Representative 303-871-3187 Edward Piper 
OPEN Sr. Purchasing Agent: General Services 303.871.4810  
Refuerzo, Robert Central Receiving Supervisor 303.871.2329 Robert Refuerzo
Slattery, Dan Manager of Mail Services 303-871-3187 Dan Slattery 
Stump, Katy Senior Purchasing Agent 303.871.4107 Katy Stump
Wiley, David Sr. Purchasing Agent 303.871.2724 David Wiley