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Purchasing Online Training - Quick Guide

The following is a quick reference guide to summarize and be used in collaboration with the online purchasing training modules. For additional information, click on the links below to review a glossary of terms.

Purchasing 101 Quick Guide
Purchasing 102 Quick Guide
Glossary of Terms
Online Training Modules

Purchasing 101 - The Basics

Overview of the Purchasing Process

Intended Purpose

Determine What You Need to Buy

When and Where to Make Your Purchase

How to Make Your Purchase

  • Ordering Methods
  1. Purchasing Card
  2. Purchase Order
  3. Purchased Order with Negotiated Contract

Receive and Pay

  1. With Purchase Card
  2. With Purchase Order
  3. With Direct Pay


  1. Objectives Met
  2. Satisfied with Supplier
  3. Recommendations from the Supplier

Purchasing 102 - Contracts for Purchases

Overview and the Basics of Using Contracts

  1. Clear Definitions
  2. Specify Deliverables
  3. Liability Issues
  4. Insurance Coverage
  5. Additional Documents

Business Issues - Consider the following business issues

Finalizing and Executing the Agreement

Contract Administration - The following are the department's responsibility

  • Retain original contract
  • Verify contractor complies with the terms and conditions of the agreement
  • Verify all services have been received to specification prior to authorizing payment
  • Ensure renewal documentation is collected