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Travel Expenses

The University's Travel Policy authorizes reimbursements for necessary and reasonable expenses incurred when traveling on official University business. Travelers are expected to operate in the best interests of the University at all times, and to use the most cost effective means of travel consistent with the work assignment.

Travel Advances

How to Request a Travel Advance

A Travel Advance Request Form (xls) is required for all travel advances. It must accompany the Direct Pay, and be received in Purchasing Services between 7 and 14 days before travel. The traveler must be established as a vendor in Banner before submitting the Direct Pay.

Travelers must clear the travel advances by submitting a Travel Expense Report (choose the appropriate report based on the date of travel) and original receipts within 30 days of their return to campus. All unused funds must be repaid with a personal check accompanying the report. Failure to clear travel advances promptly may result in a payroll deduction for employees (Travel Advance Repayment Payroll Deduction Request Form (.xls)) or the inclusion/reporting of the advance as financial aid for students (Travel Advance Financial Aid Reporting Form (.xls)).

Advances must be charged and returned to account 733300. The amount of the advance and the repayment amount must be the same, and the account cannot be used for other expense transactions.


Receipts are required! The traveler must also complete a Travel Expense Report (choose the appropriate report based on the date of travel) to accompany the receipts. 

For travel expenses paid with grant funds, use the Office of Sponsored Programs' Travel Expense Report (choose the appropriate report based on the date of travel), and route it and the Direct Pay to ORSP for approval.

If original receipts are not available, government supplied per diem rates may be used for meals and incidentals. A combination of per diem rates and receipts cannot be used in the same day.

Domestic Per Diem Rates

Foreign Per Diem Rates

Foreign Currency Exchange Rate