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How to do a Vendor Search

1.  At the "Vendor:" line, clear the ID field, and then click on the Flashlight.

2.  A window will open.  Choose "Entity Name/ID Search" by double-clicking on it.  A bigger window will open!

3.  Tab once to the "Last Name" field.  Enter the name of the vendor as it is commonly used.  If you aren't sure of the full name, use part of the name with wildcard characters. 

For example, if you are looking for Minolta Business Systems, enter Min%.  Execute your query (F8).  The system returns all vendors whose names start with "Min".  Or, if you are looking for Hugh M. Woods, you might enter %Wood%.  The system returns all vendors with "Wood" in their names.  

Remember, searches are case sensitive.  Type in %wood%, and the system will not return Hugh M Woods.  It will return all vendors that have "wood" in their names, like Sherwood Caterers.

4.  Once you find your vendor, double click on the vendor name.  You will be taken back to your requisition, and the vendor fields will be populated by the system.

5. If your vendor does not exist, you will have to establish a new vendor.