Pioneer Adventure Super Summer Camp at KMC

Welcome to the Pioneer Adventure Super Summer Camp at the Kennedy Mountain Campus (P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC)!  Nestled in the heart of Colorado's Roosevelt National Forest, our campus is surrounded by nature's beauty, providing the perfect backdrop for a summer filled with fun and exploration. Camp highlights include diverse activities, expert staff, friendship and team building, educational exploration, and lasting memories. 

Join us at P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC for a summer of laughter, learning, and limitless fun. Discover the magic of the great outdoors and create memories that will last a lifetime. Registration opens on January 16th, 2024, for our inaugural summer camp season.


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2024 Summer Sessions

July 7 – July 12

Overnight Sunday – Friday

Ages: 12 – 14

Registration: $1650

July 14 – July 19

Overnight Sunday – Friday

Ages: 12 – 14

Registration: $1650

Sample Camp Schedule

sample schedule also available in parent information guide

For Your First Adventure, you will choose from activities like Team Building on the Low Ropes, tackling our High Ropes Challenge, testing your Archery skills, taking a scenic Hike, learning to Climb Indoors and Outdoors, going on the only existing Via Ferrata on a college campus, discovering new things about Ecology, understanding how to use a Map and Compass, getting Crafty and Artsy with nature, or gaining Survival Skills 101 to begin your journeys into the outdoors with confidence.

Camp Philosophy

Whether it is the first day of camp or the last, a P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC session is a collective, holistic, fulfilling, and growth experience. Campers will explore the natural environment while building skills and friendships that will last a lifetime. Each camp session will feature a variety of different outdoor adventure activities combined with fun interactive events and traditional sleepaway camp experiences that leave a lasting impression.

P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC

group of students hiking away

P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC is a weeklong sleep away summer camp for campers ages 12 – 14. Please view each session for the age, and program plan specific details. Sending your child to the P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC for a weeklong residential camp can be highly rewarding and enriching experience with a multitude of benefits such as:

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    Independence and personal growth

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    Social and physical skills

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    Outdoor adventure activities

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    Lifelong friendships

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    Unplugged experience

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    Confidence and self-esteem

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    Unforgettable memories

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    A break from the standard routine

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    A safe and supervised environment

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    A breather for the parents of our campers

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P.A.S.S. Camp at DU

children playing with water guns on campus green

P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC builds upon the successful traditions of the University of Denver Pioneer Athletic Super Summer Camp (P.A.S.S. Camp). At DU's city campus, P.A.S.S. Camp has been supporting day campers ages 5 – 11 for 28 summers, focusing on sports fundamentals, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

Beginning our first summer season at the Kennedy Mountain Campus, we have partnered with our Denver-based P.A.S.S. Camp team to ensure safety, fun, adventure, and fulfilling experiences for every child and their families.

The 2024 city campus sessions will take place weekly for twelve weeks between May 28th and August 16th, promising fun-filled days all summer long. This year's sports majors include:

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    Ice skating and hockey

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    Soccer and lacrosse

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    Ultimate frisbee

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    Martial arts and boxing

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    Volleyball and basketball

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    and more!

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What to Know

For Parents

  • Parent Information Packet

    The Summer 2024 P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC Parent/Guardian Handbook will be emailed to all registered families and available for download here. It details:

    • Community Agreement
    • Health and Wellness Medication Guide
    • Packing for Camp
    • Getting to Camp
    • Contacting Your Camper
    • Homesickness
    • Meals Information
    • COVID-19 Information
    • Emergency Information 
  • Safety & Supervision

    The safety of our campers is our top priority. Our staff undergoes rigorous training, and we follow strict safety protocols. We have qualified medical personnel on-site, and our facilities and equipment are regularly inspected and maintained.

  • Staff Qualifications & Background Checks

    P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC strives to always provide the most qualified and trained staff possible. Staff members must submit an application, complete an interview, complete three reference checks, undergo multiple background checks, and complete multiple pieces of training before arriving for staff training:

    • CPR/First Aid
    • Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting
    • Body Safety Rules
    • Discipline & Behavior Management
    • Conflict Resolution

    During our staff training, we cover safety and risk management issues:

    • team building
    • counseling, programming, and teaching skills
    • van training
    • and more!

    Our summer staff spend their summer residing at camp, creating a vital, close-knit camp community.

  • Camper-to-staff Ratio

    Staff-to-camper ratios are targeted at 8:1 exceeding the 10:1 ratio for children 11 years and older required by the State of Colorado Childcare Rules and Regulations.

    Learn more about Programs Involving Youth policies

  • Health & Medical Care

    Our Health Center is staffed by nurses and located on the bottom floor of the Dining Hall, a short walk from our cabins. During each camp session, we foster a healthy environment by promoting handwashing, daily cleaning of high-touch surfaces, sunscreen checks, hydration checks, and monitoring of camper health. For more information on medications, immunizations, and other health/wellness concerns please see our Parent/Guardian Handbook.

  • Food Information

    At the start of each session, campers are oriented to the ins and outs of our Dining Hall and family-style meals. 

    Mountain Berry Culinary

    The kitchen and catering service at the James C. Kennedy Mountain Campus is operated by Mountain Berry Culinary. The mission of Mountain Berry Culinary is to provide healthy, great-tasting food to clients, guests, and staff. We believe that all individuals, regardless of dietary challenges, can have a great time at any event. Mountain Berry Culinary delivers excellent healthy and delicious meals to ensure guests and staff are always accommodated. Our chefs are expert, classically trained professionals certified in nutrition, allergens, and sanitation.

    Allergies, Dietary Restrictions, and Special Diets

    During registration and enrollment, we have a section for campers to let us know about any dietary restrictions, allergies, and nutritional needs.

    Learn more about how our kitchen considers allergies and dietary restrictions here

  • Facilities & Accommodations

    Campers stay in our four-season Community Cabins, renovated in 2022. Each cabin sleeps 24 -32 people and has a kitchenette, 4 bathrooms, an ADA bathroom, board games, and a lounge area.

    Learn more and see our lodging here

  • Camp Schedule & Routine
  • Communication Policies

    We understand the importance of staying connected with your child. Details about contacting your child during the camp, including emergency contact information, are provided in the Parent/Guardian Handbook. 

  • Camp Visits

    Families are encouraged to visit during the final day of the camp session. Pick-up is after lunch and campers will have a short period to show their families around the Kennedy Mountain Campus and share their experiences before collecting their belongings and checking out. We do not allow families to visit at other times during the summer as it is disruptive to the P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC experience. 

  • Special Needs Accommodations

    P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC promotes a welcoming, inclusive environment that is open to all campers. Our camp staff will work to make reasonable accommodations to adequately include and incorporate campers with special needs. The Director team at the Kennedy Mountain Campus will handle all requests for specific accommodations on a case-by-case basis.

  • Technology & Screen Time
    Technology Devices

    Our no-technology policy is designed to create an immersive and authentic camp experience, allowing campers to connect with nature and each other without the distractions of electronic devices. The policy restricts the use of electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and gaming devices during the camp session. Campers are encouraged to leave these items at home. If your camper brings an electronic to camp, we will collect it when they arrive and hand it back when they leave.

    Media Viewing Policy

    P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC is an active outdoor experience for your camper and utilizes screens minimally. Media presented will be rated G or PG and will be limited to 30 minutes or less.

  • Transportation, Arrival, & Departure

    Currently, there are no transportation options for campers for arrival and departure, we do have onsite transportation in the event of an emergency or offsite activity transport. We look forward to providing pick and drop-off options in the future. 

  • COVID-19 Information

    We will continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on our programs and activities. Robust protocols and procedures will be in place to ensure the safest and healthiest environment for campers, staff and parents alike. If there are any changes with the 2024 P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC due to COVID-19, we will be in direct communication with all registered families. 

  • Accreditations

    P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC is currently undergoing the licensing process with the State of Colorado, the Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Childcare (CDHS). Included in the licensure process are inspections by CDHS and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). Our anticipated completion is in the Spring of 2024. 

For Campers

  • Is everyday the same?

    P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC has a daily routine; wake up, meals, activity blocks, evening activities, and lights out. Activity blocks are filled with amazing adventures such as climbing, challenge courses, hiking, archery, arts and crafts, etc. Check out our 2024 P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC sample schedule for details.

  • What time do we get up?

    For those campers who wake up early, the Morning Club starts at 6:30 am in the Bucksbaum Outdoor Gateway. And for those campers who like to sleep in, breakfast is at 7:30 am in the Dining Hall.

  • Can I bring my electronics?

    P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC is filled with adventures, so many that you will not need all the electronic stuff we use in our daily lives. When you come to P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC you intentionally unplug your devices! You can leave them with your parents/guardians or turn them in for safekeeping when you arrive. We hope you feel more relaxed and enjoy the break from social media and the plugged-in life.

    You may bring a digital camera or GoPro, but you will not be able to download photos or videos while at camp.

  • Will I have my own bathroom?

    When you attend P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC, you have four bathrooms in our Community Cabins that you share with your cabin mates.

    Learn more about our Community Cabins

  • Is it dark at night in my cabin?

    P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC is in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado which is a dark skies community. This means we intentionally keep our lights off, low, and pointed at the ground so our neighbors and our campers can view the beautiful night sky. When it’s lights out at camp, it is dark - but a perfect chance to grab a friend or a counselor from your cabin and go outside and look up! 

  • What activities are there at P.A.S.S. Camp at KMC?

    We have a variety of adventure options: 

    • Team Building/Low Ropes
    • High Ropes
    • Archery
    • Hiking
    • Learn to Climb both Indoors and Outdoors
    • Via Ferrata
    • Ecology
    • Nature Arts and Crafts
    • Survival Skills 101
    • Map and compass

    Currently, we do not offer swimming or horseback riding. 

About Rates & Registration

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